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BenQ GS2 : Movie on the go

We’ve had the GS2 on loan for our family to use for a few weeks now and it has given us a movie experience similar to a cinema setting at the comforts of our home. My kids have used it to watch age appropriate movies in the bedroom while we adults got uninterrupted movie time on our own. The GS2 will be a perfect companion when out and about, we definitely can’t wait to use it when its winter season here in UAE.

Two reasons why BenQ GS2 is great for families:


  • GS2 is splash and drop resistant which makes it a good choice for camping or any outdoor movie bonding. If only we’ve known about this nifty projector during camping season, our teens would have not been busy fiddling their mobile phones when it was too dark to wander around.
  • Parents can entertain kids with 3 hours long worth of CocoMelon and Peppa Pig when its fully charged;  That is more than enough to prepare a camp site and prepare food.
Jupiter’s Legacy via Netflix
  • WiFi enabled which means, you can cast movies from your mobile phones, tablets and computers; you can even connect a game console!
  • GS2 is embedded with Aptoide TV app market which allows you to download tools or media apps for more streaming services. 
  • Movie sound takes a movie experience to a different and with its 4W Bluetooth speaker that is clear & loud enough for outdoors; you can also connect it to external Bluetooth speakers or headphones.
  • Really good video quality at full HD 1080P and BenQ exclusive LumiExpert™ technology automatically detects current ambient light levels and adjusts the suitable brightness.

Family friendly

  • Parents can set timer to manage projector usage time.
  • The eye-protection sensor will auto shut-down LED light when children get near, between 30-50cm proximity.
My Octopus Teacher
  • Projector can be controlled via the remote and smart control app that is easy for kids to use. If your children are savvy enough to use a mobile phone then they can manage the GS2 as well.
  • Even our active kids can’t disrupt the movie because the projector has an auto focus feature; it also has adjustable hinge, so you can comfortably adjust projected video at eye level.
  • It’s just the right size to place on top of any smooth leveled counter. Movie bonding is no longer limited to an area where your television is and definitely no more arguing that the gadget screen is so small. 

For a more “technical” look on the GS2 projector, visit this website.

BenQ GS2 is available to purchase here.

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