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BenQ ScreenBar: The Perfect Computer Lamp

What are the qualities of a perfect desk lamp?

My ideal workstation lamp should not take up so much space, not bulky, light temperature can be adjusted and a bonus if it can be powered via the USB.

I found all these qualities in a ScreenBar LED Monitor Light by BenQ. We have been truly gushing over the items that BenQ have sent our way to try. This ScreenBar Light coveted the top 1 spot of our favorite things for our workstation

Simple & Clever!

The ScreenBar design is sleek with a black matte finish, it does not have a base or mechanical arm that would require space on your work desk which is perfect if you have limited space. The lamp rests on top of your monitor just like a webcam, it is reminiscent to those lights above a painting in art galleries. It is also USB powered so you are not bothered with additional plug. 

BenQ ScreenBar Light

Quality LED for Eye Care

What impressed my boys (husband & the eldest) is that the lamp provide clean, crisp, flicker free light that brightens up the work space without shining light on the screen – glare free! If the ScreenBar is only the light source in the room the light it cast is focused which ensures that we see everything in front of the screen clearly. 

Non-flicker: Compliant with IEEE PAR1789 regulation of flicker in LED lighting

No blue-light hazard: IEC/TR 62778 assessment deemed it free of blue-light hazard

BenQ ScreenBar Monitor Light

Auto Dimming feature

The ScreenBar has a built-in ambient light sensor that automatically illuminates to 500 Lux. e-Reading Computer Screenbar is equipped with a sensor that promptly detects the surrounding brightness and then supplements it with just the right light. We can protect our eyes more with this feature! No need to adjust the light temperature. This option can be turned off, if you choose too. 

Webcam on BenQ ScreenBar Monitor Light

No need to relocate Webcam

My first question was if the ScreenBar sits on top of the monitor then I have no place for the webcam. Guess what?! The webcam can sit perfectly on top of the bar.

We’ve had the ScreenBar for a week now and I have no complains at all. The downside could only be that it is on the expensive side BUT the cost is justifiable if you are looking for a proper and bright lamp for your computer workspace. 

For more in depth look on BenQ Screenbar Light, click here.

BenQ ScreenBar Monitor Light, available to purchase here.

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