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FREE things to do at the Museum of the Future

Do you want to explore the most beautiful building in the world – Museum of the Future?

I have a solution for you and it’s FREE or atleast budget friendly.

It is advised to buy tickets to explore the entirety of Museum of the Future months ahead. While we wait for that chance, here are some FREE activities you can do when you decide to drop by #MOTF

🆓 Entrance to the museum is FREE

– exploring the ground floor and first floor where the foot bridge connection to the Emirates Tower and to the metro is accessible to the public

🆓 Play & interact with robodog

– #MOTF guests are greeted by the in-house museum pet – RoboDog; we stayed longer interacting with the RoboDog, he’s so cute!

🆓 Witness the adorable flying robot dolphin

– the flying dolphin was one of the highlights of our visit. No strings at all! If you know how it was possible, talk to a friendly muese staff.

🆓 Learn about the Arabic calligraphy inscribed on the museum based on the words of HH Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum

🆓 Refill your water for free from the Aquafina station located at the cafe

– are you familiar with the water stations at Expo2020? They have one at MOTF too.

🆓 Talk to any of the staff and learn some fun facts

– museum staff are friendly and enthusiastic to answer some questions. Remember though that you have to be mindful when taking photos or videos; ask permission first.

🆓 Watch the RoboBarista make coffee when someone decides to order a cup from the cafe

– this bit would cost you a few dirhams if you don’t want to wait. We ordered a cup (AED 22) to enjoy and happy to report while it’s machine made, the latte tasted good too.

WATCH our trip to MOTF ⬇️

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