Month: February 2013

When you get worried I’ll be your soldier

  I saw both of these video’s on my FB timeline this morning while feeding LittleMiss C. Made me smile and cry. I’ll get it if you need it, I’ll search if you don’t see it, You’re thirsty, I’ll be rain, You get hurt, I’ll take your pain.      

Chloe Isabelle – 8 months

She is 8 months old today! This LittleMiss has taken over our lives in happy busy way. She’s been literally all over the place refusing to stay in her playpen and would demand to be carried or held up for her to practice walking. Oh yes! she has been doing a lot of standing and moving very fast, one minute you’ll see her quietly lying in bed the next second she already manage to sit up without any help. And she’s been mastering what V would call “pretend cry” to get our attention, the moment I let her play inside the playpen she’ll do this hysterical “they’re abusing me” kind of cry and by the time she’s in my arms she’s wearing the sweetest smile. at 8 months old: she’s eating 2 full meals a day (broccoli, sweet potato, potato, carrot, chicken breast, apple, pear, banana, plum, green peas, organic brown rice, organix multigrain and hipp nibbles) sit up without any help from us push herself up to stand hold things in each of her …

a visit to they Eye Doctor

Kuya V ended 2012 wearing eye glasses to correct his astigmatism. I’ve been getting several inquiries on why he’s wearing one and what decided me to have his eye’s checked. It all happened when LittleMiss went to the pediatrician for her 5 months check. Out of the blue I just asked Dr. S if I need to bring Kuya V to an eye doctor even if he’s not complaining of any problems. His reply was, as soon as your child reach the age of 5 you have to visit an ophthalmologist for a routine check as it is just the right age where your little one is able to properly answer questions and recognize the letters/pictures on the test. This is of course if during your pediatrician check your doctor didn’t find any obvious reasons for an eye check before the age of 5. Just before Christmas and shortly before LittleMiss turned 6 months we scheduled Kuya V to see an ophthalmologist at a specialty hospital but then got turned off because Kuya V need to go back …

Last dance with Sheya

I just learned that 7th birthday are suppose to be celebrated in a grand way. I don’t remember having a fancy celebration when I turned 7.   Vierte with birthday girl Sheya Our family friend, the Mendoza’s celebrated the 7th birthday of their youngest at Novotel Hotel. Pretty Sheya had 2 birthday gowns for the event. Kids presented a Move’s like Jagger Dance and V had a special last dance with Sheya.   V was Sheya’s last dance.  He’s such a young man now worrying about clothes to wear and what shoe’s goes well with it and his hair has to be spiky. He’s got 5 girlfriends and one special girl to whom he likes to hold hands with.  You will always be Mum’s 1st baby boy!    

Guess how much I love you

There’s a new show over at eJunior – Guess how much I love you – The adventures of little nutbrown hare   I bought our book before I gave birth to V, and read it to him when he was still swimming inside my tummy. Now he’s helping me read the story to her sister.   Now I’m searching for a DVD on the series.   ***    

Sports Day – Race into space FS2

FS2 Sports Day happened one foggy morning in Dubai. They shoo the fog away with their dance moves shaking booty and waving hands.   LittleMiss C was Kuya V’s biggest fan. Let the race begin! to the finish line! The kids who were first on the line cheered on their friends while some even went back to help. Our little cheerleader just woke up from nap and wondering whether Kuya V won. Smiling and waving to Dad on his way to the finish line. Woohoo! Congratulations PPS FS2!

Product Review – Eucalyptus Salve & Essential Oil

It’s been 3 months of homeophathy for me and ever since I’ve been trying to slowly change our food intake and products that we use.  I’m really happy that I  discovered a new group in facebook – UAE Natural Family Living Network, discussions on natural remedies, healthier food choices and where to buy organic products are a few stuff we talk about.   Last Wednesday (Feb 6) LittleMiss C started to have colds, the go to remedy I usually do is to rub Vicks VapoRub on the feet then cover with socks and some on the shirt, but then I learned from the group that Vicks is not for kids under two (unless you have the product Vicks BabyRub) . To read more why parents should avoid using it on kids under two click here. A natural remedy is to use eucalyptus essential oil buy putting a drop on your humidifier or burning eucalyptus essiantial oil to clear up clogged nose.   On a trip to Sahara Centre to register my Etisalat SimCard we pass …