Month: October 2013

Banana Pistachios Oat ChocoChip Cake

Banana!!!! say it the way Minions do. Banana is a staple in our pantry, I buy it every week but we are not big banana eaters. When Daddy C see’s them turning black he would always tell me “Why didn’t you pack me 1 to eat in the office?” but he really doesn’t bother getting one to eat at home.

Skylanders Swapforce

V was excited for October to come. It’s his birthday month and ActiVision will release a new batch of Skylanders the Swapforce (USA release Oct 13 and UAE release Oct 18). It’s only during his birthday that we allow him to buy an expensive toy but just one and if it’s too expensive he get’s to choose between having a party or just the toy (he usually choose the toy). This year was different Lolo Dino (my Uncle Dad a resident of Kansas City) asked him what he wants for birthday and Christmas without any hesitation he told his GrandPa names of Skylander characters that he wants to add in his collection and to make sure Lolo doesn’t forget anything he made a list.

V is 6 and his MineCraft Cake

V designed his Minecraft cake. It was a week long holiday here in Dubai when LittleMan V celebrated his 6th birthday. We initially planned to have a family celebration and have dinner at his favorite restaurant  but he insisted that I make him a cake and have 3 of his friends from school come over. Aside from playing Skylanders he’s also into Minecraft (I think every kid is) so before he request me to make him a figure cake I suggested he design his very own minecraft cake. He’s eyes lit up and requested that he make the cake with me.

Crab Festival at Chimes Far Eastern Restaurant

I’ve been to Singapore twice – first time was with my Uncle Dad and it was also the first time that I got to taste the famous Chili Crabs it was so good! My 2nd trip was with my boys (LittleMan V and Daddy C) sadly during this trip we didn’t get the chance to enjoy them crabs. Mud crab is not widely available in our local Dubai market, it’s one of the things I miss from my hometown-Davao. I grew up having a seafood feast every weekend which my whole clan enjoys. A simple steamed garlic crab dish eaten with rice using our hands and ice cold Coke just makes me so so happy!

LittleMiss Car Seat Update

It’s been two months since I posted our family car seat outburst so here’s an update. LittleMiss no longer argue’s whenever I put her down and even manage to have a good snooze. How did we do it? Stay strong. Yes, it really is difficult to see your child crying (my heart is torn to pieces when this happen) but having your child strapped in the car seat is the safest way to travel. Ignore. She cried in her seat begging me to get her – ignore! V would start singing and tell stories but we all ignored her and she eventually stopped and started laughing with whatever Kuya V was doing. Mirror. 6ambabies at twitter gave me the  advise. It did wonders! She was busy for a good 20 minutes staring at herself 🙂 Toys. Something to keep her busy.   We don’t have any plans just yet on moving her to a forward facing seat specially after reading that rear-facing seat is the safest choice. Read links below. The Swedish (rear facing) car seat …