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spanish bread recipe

Spanish Bread Recipe

The smell of freshly baked bread greeting me as I step out of our room and on the dining table a brown paper bag filled with soft bread filled with sweet buttery filling and my aunt Mama Alma pouring ice cold coke on a glass with a smile “Meryenda na ‘nak! Nagpapalit si Daddy ug tinapay.” Right there at that moment I was a small kid again forgetting for a minute that a newborn baby was peacefully sleeping in the bedroom. Spanish Bread is a childhood favorite which was always available at the neighborhood bakery. It tops my list next to ‘double body’ and ‘pande coco’. I’m so happy that the first batch I baked hit the spot! As soon as I took a bite, memories of me as kid enjoying afternoon snack with my Lola Mommy, Mama, friends and siblings embraced me.

Banana Bread with Streusel

I stare at four ripe bananas in our table and all I could think of is Banana Bread. My go to recipe for banana bread is from Simple Recipes which you can find here and my Daddy Nonong’s favorite (he can eat a whole loaf in one day). Every time they came home from Majuro for a vacation he would ask me to bake him some. As much as I adore my usual banana bread I wanted to try something new, add something to spice it up, to make it more interesting to my V (who insists on smothering nutella to his slice). A day has passed and in the table staring at me, 4 ripe bananas patiently waiting for me to turn them into something yummy. While nursing Chloe I googled “80breakfasts banana bread” because I remembered reading a post on banana bread. By the way 80breakfast is one of my favorite food blog! Her recipes never failed me and her posts would lead me to new exciting blogs as well. In her banana bread post she described this streusel as high on …