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Weekly School Lunch Planner v2

I’m all about getting things organized before school begins this September. Having a school lunch menu will help us parents pack healthier options for the whole family, especially if we are press for time in the morning, planning ahead is key to a smooth week ahead. Our “weekly school lunch planner” published last 2016 has helped me for the past three years. Now, it is time to update the look! To use, simply click on the image and print. For this first free printable, I have left the column empty for you to either (1) write child’s name or (2) label it with food groups you want to pack or (3) label according to how many packed food you sending. This second planner is labeled with lunch, fruits & vegetables, treats and notes. Lastly, a blank template of the above planner. I hope this planner will help you get organized in your lunch packing this school year. Love reading your messages and seeing your photos on how you are using the planner, please do continue …

monster burger bento lunchbox

Bento Lunchbox Menu October 16-20

Here is what I packed for the kids last week. You will notice that some days are empty, reason is I was in a rush that morning and did not get a chance to snap a photo of the lunch box. School Lunch Box menu for October 16-20: Sunday – October 16: No lunch box photo Monday – October 17: Our first lunchbox to support Al Islami Kids Club campaign of healthy eating. Made use of Al Islami Foods chicken thighs for our honey soy chicken.   Tuesday – October 18: Chloe had cream cheese sandwich and Vierte went to school with money to buy food at the canteen.  *no photo Wednesday – October 19: Celebrating Halloween with a pumpkin shaped puff pastry filled with minced chicken from Al Islami Foods.   Thursday – October 20: Two versions of burger to make both kids happy. A strawberry-eyed burger for Chloe and spooky one for Vierte.   #LetsMakeLunchFun and Healthy for our family. Join in the fun of lunch box packing and use #LetsMakeLunchFun tag on …

bbq chicken dog bento lunchbox

Bento Lunchbox Menu October 9-13

I was reviewing my posts this morning and realized that I missed posting two weeks worth of  our lunchbox menu. Totally blaming my multiple dose of anesthesia and lazy bug. School Lunch menu for October 9-13 below Sunday – October 9: BBQ Chicken Drumsticks with”puppy” shaped rice because Vierte was missing his dogs in the Philippines Monday – October 10: Quinoa Beef Meatballs with rice and biscuits. Tuesday – October 11: Beef tapa with rice, tomatoes and carrots. A hearty protein meal because V has try-outs for sports day. Wednesday – October 12: Chicken dumplings with carrots Thursday – October 13: Quinoa beef meatballs makes a repeat because Mama woke up late.   #LetsMakeLunchFun and Healthy for our family. Join in the fun of lunch box packing and use #LetsMakeLunchFun tag on your IG posts.  

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Bento Lunchbox Menu – October 3 to 6

Hooray for Thursday! We had another long weekend this week to celebrate Islamic New Year. It was nice to have an extra day to just spend time with my bunch. I was having a rough week being a Mama, making some changes now to improve things around the house. Here is what I pack for the kids school lunch. October is Kuya V’s birthday month so I am packing something extra special for him this month. This week though I forgot to take photos of Chloe’s box. Monday – October 3: Chicken garlic tikka for our mains with rice and fruits. I will post a recipe next week. Tuesday – October 4: Vegetable Hakka noodles, siomai and Carrot Apple Oat Cookies. Wednesday – October 5: Chloe’s class has “healthy Wednesday’s” where teachers ask parents to pack a specific food, it was cheese sandwich for them this week. We have chicken lettuce sandwich for Vierte. Thursday – October 6: Something quick and healthy today for both kids, banana roll-ups packed with fruits on the side.   I am inviting you to use #LetsMakeLunchFun …

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Bento Lunch Box Menu – September 18 to 22

Thursday is a happy day. Last day of work and school for us here in the United Arab Emirates. I am always looking forward to weekend and spend quality time with my bunch. Who doesn’t? The week started with me coming down with a flu. Kids were also adjusting to waking up early again. Vierte needs to be up and eating breakfast at 5:30 am out the door by 6:20 am for school bus pick-up. Yes. I am happy it is finally the weekend. Here is what I pack for the kids school lunch. Sunday – September 18: We have beef kofta as the main meal for both kids.   September 19 – Monday: Chicken Tenders and rice. Marinated chicken breasts the night before and fried the following morning. I will post recipe next week.   September 20 – Wednesday: Tuna Sandwich for Vierte and Cream Cheese Sandwich for Chloe. September 21 – Wednesday: Apple Cake and Pasta Arrabbiata for Vierte. Baked red apple cake the night before and prepared pasta in the morning. Pasta preparation made easy with Barilla …

Weekly School Lunch Planner

A few friends of mine asked if I could share a print out of what the kids had for school lunch. Why did I not think of that?! It will be a good reference for me as well and make sure that I pack variety of food options for the kids. I wrote down our first week of packed school lunch, all of the recipe’s are available here. To make sure I pack a balanced meal for my kids, I use three major food groups which the kids are learning in school – GO, GROW, and GLOW food. Packing at least one food from each group ensures that our kids are getting all the nutrients they need for the day. I hope our Weekly School Lunch Planner will help you prepare a fun and healthy meal for your kids. Just click on the photo below to download your planner. School/Work week starts on a Sunday here in the UAE. Planner best printed on a B4 (10.12″ x 14.33″) paper. Download #LetsMakeLunchFun weekly planner here. Join in the fun of bento …