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Bento Lunchbox Menu October 16-20

Here is what I packed for the kids last week. You will notice that some days are empty, reason is I was in a rush that morning and did not get a chance to snap a photo of the lunch box. School Lunch Box menu for October 16-20: Sunday – October 16: No lunch box photo Monday – October 17: Our first lunchbox to support Al Islami Kids Club campaign of healthy eating. Made use of Al Islami Foods chicken thighs for our honey soy chicken.   Tuesday – October 18: Chloe had cream cheese sandwich and Vierte went to school with money to buy food at the canteen.  *no photo Wednesday – October 19: Celebrating Halloween with a pumpkin shaped puff pastry filled with minced chicken from Al Islami Foods.   Thursday – October 20: Two versions of burger to make both kids happy. A strawberry-eyed burger for Chloe and spooky one for Vierte.   #LetsMakeLunchFun and Healthy for our family. Join in the fun of lunch box packing and use #LetsMakeLunchFun tag on …

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Bento Lunchbox Menu October 9-13

I was reviewing my posts this morning and realized that I missed posting two weeks worth of  our lunchbox menu. Totally blaming my multiple dose of anesthesia and lazy bug. School Lunch menu for October 9-13 below Sunday – October 9: BBQ Chicken Drumsticks with”puppy” shaped rice because Vierte was missing his dogs in the Philippines Monday – October 10: Quinoa Beef Meatballs with rice and biscuits. Tuesday – October 11: Beef tapa with rice, tomatoes and carrots. A hearty protein meal because V has try-outs for sports day. Wednesday – October 12: Chicken dumplings with carrots Thursday – October 13: Quinoa beef meatballs makes a repeat because Mama woke up late.   #LetsMakeLunchFun and Healthy for our family. Join in the fun of lunch box packing and use #LetsMakeLunchFun tag on your IG posts.  

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Bento Lunchbox Menu – October 3 to 6

Hooray for Thursday! We had another long weekend this week to celebrate Islamic New Year. It was nice to have an extra day to just spend time with my bunch. I was having a rough week being a Mama, making some changes now to improve things around the house. Here is what I pack for the kids school lunch. October is Kuya V’s birthday month so I am packing something extra special for him this month. This week though I forgot to take photos of Chloe’s box. Monday – October 3: Chicken garlic tikka for our mains with rice and fruits. I will post a recipe next week. Tuesday – October 4: Vegetable Hakka noodles, siomai and Carrot Apple Oat Cookies. Wednesday – October 5: Chloe’s class has “healthy Wednesday’s” where teachers ask parents to pack a specific food, it was cheese sandwich for them this week. We have chicken lettuce sandwich for Vierte. Thursday – October 6: Something quick and healthy today for both kids, banana roll-ups packed with fruits on the side.   I am inviting you to use #LetsMakeLunchFun …

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Bento Lunch Box Menu – September 18 to 22

Thursday is a happy day. Last day of work and school for us here in the United Arab Emirates. I am always looking forward to weekend and spend quality time with my bunch. Who doesn’t? The week started with me coming down with a flu. Kids were also adjusting to waking up early again. Vierte needs to be up and eating breakfast at 5:30 am out the door by 6:20 am for school bus pick-up. Yes. I am happy it is finally the weekend. Here is what I pack for the kids school lunch. Sunday – September 18: We have beef kofta as the main meal for both kids.   September 19 – Monday: Chicken Tenders and rice. Marinated chicken breasts the night before and fried the following morning. I will post recipe next week.   September 20 – Wednesday: Tuna Sandwich for Vierte and Cream Cheese Sandwich for Chloe. September 21 – Wednesday: Apple Cake and Pasta Arrabbiata for Vierte. Baked red apple cake the night before and prepared pasta in the morning. Pasta preparation made easy with Barilla …

Weekly School Lunch Planner

A few friends of mine asked if I could share a print out of what the kids had for school lunch. Why did I not think of that?! It will be a good reference for me as well and make sure that I pack variety of food options for the kids. I wrote down our first week of packed school lunch, all of the recipe’s are available here. To make sure I pack a balanced meal for my kids, I use three major food groups which the kids are learning in school – GO, GROW, and GLOW food. Packing at least one food from each group ensures that our kids are getting all the nutrients they need for the day. I hope our Weekly School Lunch Planner will help you prepare a fun and healthy meal for your kids. Just click on the photo below to download your planner. School/Work week starts on a Sunday here in the UAE. Planner best printed on a B4 (10.12″ x 14.33″) paper. Download #LetsMakeLunchFun weekly planner here. Join in the fun of bento …