Year: 2021

Sheet Pan Eggs

Sheet Pan Eggs is an easy way to serve eggs to a crowd or as a make ahead lunchbox meal as it freeze well too. Eggs clearly are the star here so make sure to use fresh and good quality ones. We have been loyal Al Jazira Poultry customers because we get to have our eggs & poultry needs delivered straight from the farm to our home. UAE friends: Use 15% off discount code BICNC on all your Al Jazira Poultry WATCH Egg Sheet Pan recipe video, below.

BenQ GS2 : Movie on the go

We’ve had the GS2 on loan for our family to use for a few weeks now and it has given us a movie experience similar to a cinema setting at the comforts of our home. My kids have used it to watch age appropriate movies in the bedroom while we adults got uninterrupted movie time on our own. The GS2 will be a perfect companion when out and about, we definitely can’t wait to use it when its winter season here in UAE. Two reasons why BenQ GS2 is great for families: Made for OUTDOORS GS2 is splash and drop resistant which makes it a good choice for camping or any outdoor movie bonding. If only we’ve known about this nifty projector during camping season, our teens would have not been busy fiddling their mobile phones when it was too dark to wander around. Parents can entertain kids with 3 hours long worth of CocoMelon and Peppa Pig when its fully charged;  That is more than enough to prepare a camp site and prepare food. WiFi enabled which means, you can …

Stay-at-home Mom

SAHM (stay-at-home mama) is a label attached to my name since we moved in the UAE, that’s more than 10 years now. The choice to be one was mine.  Being one was certainly not a part of my 10yr plan back then. I’ve always imagined myself a career woman. When Coy left for work overseas, my Mama said ‘Go where your husband is if circumstances permit it’ and so I did.  Ohh how I blamed her that first year away living the life of an expat SAHM. Why? I was tired with domestic life – infinite dishes to wash, endless laundry to attend too and a house that always needed cleaning. Add to that even after a days work, the effort was left unnoticed! SAHM label often left me feel exhausted, lonely, angry, and worthless. I completely lost who I really is/was.  I, myself no longer know me. If you find yourself in that similar situation know that you are not alone and what you are feeling right now is VALID. *** In a world …