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Banana biscoff bread recipe

Banana Biscoff Bread

Yes, I know another banana base recipe. We love them. It’s affordable and you can use it in a lot of things – smoothies, ice cream and pastries. I have a bottle of Crunchy Biscoff that’s going to expire in two months, the kids are over the biscoff cravings so I’m finding creative ways to use them. I have a lot of zebra ripe bananas, compared to other recipes we have here this recipe make use of more bananas which makes it yummier. I ladle about two cups of batter and add biscoff then top it off with banana slices and repeat till your pan is 3/4 full. Looking at the biscoff swirls made so happy, I imagined how pretty it would look when we slice the bread. But… The swirls were not obvious when I sliced the bread. Unless you look at each slice closely will you see the biscoff swirls, it will be a different story with nutella spread. Swirls gone but bread is moist and bursting with banana goodness. Tag me when you get …

Banana Oatmeal Cupcake recipe

Banana Oatmeal Cupcake

I buy a bunch of bananas and wait for them to ripen, have that beautiful zebra spots. My LittleOnes know that ones they see spots it’s time to make smoothie, bread or cupcake. The cupcakes are great to pack for school baon or afternoon snack, bake them and store on the refrigerator. Enjoy!   Linked to: Tasty Tuesday’s | Clear Out & Eat

Banana Bread with Streusel

I stare at four ripe bananas in our table and all I could think of is Banana Bread. My go to recipe for banana bread is from Simple Recipes which you can find here and my Daddy Nonong’s favorite (he can eat a whole loaf in one day). Every time they came home from Majuro for a vacation he would ask me to bake him some. As much as I adore my usual banana bread I wanted to try something new, add something to spice it up, to make it more interesting to my V (who insists on smothering nutella to his slice). A day has passed and in the table staring at me, 4 ripe bananas patiently waiting for me to turn them into something yummy. While nursing Chloe I googled “80breakfasts banana bread” because I remembered reading a post on banana bread. By the way 80breakfast is one of my favorite food blog! Her recipes never failed me and her posts would lead me to new exciting blogs as well. In her banana bread post she described this streusel as high on …

Saging Pinaypay

  Saging Pinaypay a childhood favorite and one ultimate comfort food. We usually get this treat after having our afternoon nap time before we go outside to play with our friends in the streets of our village. It was the first time that I introduce one of my favorites to V and I’m such a proud Mama when he enjoyed 3 pinaypay all to himself that is after making sure he left one piece for his Dad. Saging (banana) Pinaypay (to fan out, paypay is fan). Slice bananas thinly and spread it out like a fan dip on your pancake batter and fry. Sprinkle with some sugar and serve. When my husband saw the photo I posted on facebook he called up to ask what I prepared. Described pinaypay as the saba banana dip in a pancake batter and pan fried. He just replied that they call it by a different name in Manila, it is called Maruya. Saging Saba has been a staple in our household ever since I got pregnant. It’s one of …