Month: June 2014

Traveling with Tots: Activity Kits

  Many of you are probably travelling somewhere this month. We are leaving in a few days, just the kids and I in an 8 hour flight to Hong Kong then another 2 hours to Manila. LittleMan V is 6  and LittleMiss Chloe 2 years old. I don’t remember what state of mind I was when I agreed to travel alone with two kids. We are pretty lucky as far as travelling with LittleMan V, he’s happy with food and movie. It is a different case with the LittleMiss who is happiest when she’s playing with some toys/stuff: last year she gathered all the magazines and placed them on the bassinet then out then back again. Goodluck to me. I gathered some toys we already have around the house to help me keep kids busy for our trip.   Assorted Activity Cards consists of numbers & alphabets, maze, find the difference and color cards. Stickers and colored pens will keep them happy.  Item bought at Brands for Less.   Memory Game. LittleMiss still can’t understand the concept …

Coconut Almond Chocolate Chip Cookies

  A few months back I strictly stayed off wheat and my body was happy – no migraine. I’ve slipped off wheat elimination this month as we’ve had a lot of parties to attend too and well I just gave in to temptation. Removing wheat from your diet requires planning specially if you’re family is used to snacking on bread, cake and the sorts.

No Nappy No..Please

LittleMiss Chloe wakes-up every morning at around 6:30 am just in time to kiss Daddy & Kuya V goodbye, after that we either play a little or she asks for nanan and go back to sleep. That morning was different, LittleMiss and Kuya played while waiting for Daddy to finish dressing up for work. After saying our bye’s, she told me “No nappy Mama.” I arranged a mat under her blanket and allowed her to sleep without any nappy. She has been refusing to wear either cloth diaper or disposables for a few days now – maybe we are ready to potty train. I went out the bedroom and proceeded to do my house chores. A few minutes later she went out with a disposable in one hand and stood at the corner of our sofa. 

DIY Father’s Day Fossil Handprint

  Mr. C got his Father’s day present from us last weekend, he bought a shirt and I paid for it. Boring! He was really happy about it though. We were in bed with both kids sleeping when he suddenly blurted out how fast the kids are growing – LittleMiss will turn 2 yrs and LittleMan 7 yr old this year. Making a handprint of the kids to remind him (us) that they will always be our babies is a perfect gift. It is something that everyone in the family can do, even kids as young as 2 years old.

HK Trip: Disneyland Resort

*This is a part of a series post about our family trip to Hong Kong.   We were all looking forward to spend the day at Disneyland Resort. Everyone was up early willing to skip breakfast and go straight to one of the happiest place on earth! Plus, all 5 kids received a shopping money from Lola Let.


7 years of being together and I am still having a hard time finding the perfect gift for my husband. I surely fail in that department. Last year, for his birthday we bought a mini player that he can use while jogging at the park. The day after I bought the player, he came home and declared that he loaded his blackberry with songs for his run. Really!! I just bought you a player that you’ll get in a few days and you tell me you have the blackberry for that! Dilemma in buying Mr. C a gift. 1) He almost always manage to buy something similar to what I already bought him 2) I rarely go out without him – I don’t drive and travelling with two kids in tow with bags is challenging. 3) If and when the kids and I manage to go gift shopping for dad – V declares “Daddy, we have a surprise for you! Mama, Chloe and I bought you a …” as soon as he see’s Dad. Father’s …