Month: January 2012

Dino Live

  C got a good deal from Cobone for the Dino Live show. The tickets are valued at Dhs 169 and we only got ours for Dhs 49/each which includes a orange slush, popcorn, a photo-op, and Dhs 25 worth of voucher to buy some souvenirs. The show starts of with a 3D movie about a baby dinosaur who lost her mommy and some information on how they lived.  V kept on asking if the Dinosaurs will hurt us and asking “They are extinct right Mama?”  we kept reassuring him that what he will see are just giant dinosaur toys so kids will know how they look like. It was a good exhibit but I still prefer the first one that we saw back home at SM MOA when V was still 1 year old.

Saging Pinaypay

  Saging Pinaypay a childhood favorite and one ultimate comfort food. We usually get this treat after having our afternoon nap time before we go outside to play with our friends in the streets of our village. It was the first time that I introduce one of my favorites to V and I’m such a proud Mama when he enjoyed 3 pinaypay all to himself that is after making sure he left one piece for his Dad. Saging (banana) Pinaypay (to fan out, paypay is fan). Slice bananas thinly and spread it out like a fan dip on your pancake batter and fry. Sprinkle with some sugar and serve. When my husband saw the photo I posted on facebook he called up to ask what I prepared. Described pinaypay as the saba banana dip in a pancake batter and pan fried. He just replied that they call it by a different name in Manila, it is called Maruya. Saging Saba has been a staple in our household ever since I got pregnant. It’s one of …

Quickly grab some Milk Tea!

I was surprise and happy that my nearby favorite Korean Cafe – Modern Hansik (will write a little review soon) now offers one of my most missed milk tea back home – Quickly! Although there is a difference between how they serve it back in Manila, the milk tea is served almost like a shake/ice cream with crushed ice, tapioca pearls and taho. In Modern Hansik they serve it just with ice cubes and tapioca pearls. According to our Modern Hansik friends they are still waiting for the Quickly machine set that will be delivered soon. For my nearby neighbors here in Al Nahda I’m happy to inform you that Modern Hansik delivers this yummy milk tea that is a perfect combination to their yummy Korean style chicken!   Modern Hansik (located at the back of Blue Mars supermarket) Shop 2 AHLI House A Amman St. Al  Nahda 1 Contact Number: (050) 138-8191 / 04 254 7748

Eating again

I’m so happy that we are entering our 2nd trimester with my appetite back and enjoying kitchen work again. On our first trimester all the food you see above I can’t eat. Then I woke up with a craving to eat Tortang Talong, Sardines, and Dilis I was happy to find all of the ingredients in my pantry.

Happy New Year!

  This is our 2nd New Year here in Dubai and we once again spent it with friends watching fireworks at the Jumeirah open beach. We went to the beach prepared with our tent, BBQ stuff, food, blankets, and chairs. The tent was up and the grill was set on fire when 3 beach guards (we think) approach each group asking to put down tents and turn off the fire since it was not allowed. A bit of a boohoo since we were all looking forward for some warm soup (we had beef mami) and bbq’d  hotdogs while waiting for the show.     Luckily the couple R+L  prepared some Kaldereta and I prepared a few fresh Vietnamese Spring Rolls or else we could have been hungry all night.   We did manage to sneak in some bbq while waiting for the grill fire to die down :). V had so much fun playing in the sand while waiting for the fireworks. He just kept on asking us whether it was time yet for the …