Month: June 2011

Child Seats Mandatory

FINALLY! I admit it was only this year that we decided to buy V a car seat, before I stay with him at the back and both of us (most of the time) not buckled up. It was Friday Magazine’s article on the importance of wearing seat belt and car seat that finally opened our eyes. On a recent cineMama Event we met Lesley Cully founder of Buckle Up In the Back she gave a little talk on how important it is to buckle up and WE AGREE! here’s a link to GulfNews article on the new law .lw_cad_link:link { text-decoration: underline; border-bottom: 1px; } .lw_cad_link:visited { text-decoration: underline; border-bottom: 1px; } .lw_cad_link:hover { text-decoration: underline; border-bottom: 2px; }

A taste of Atlantis: Seafire Steakhouse & Bar

One Friday I found myself at Atlantis The Palm on a food safari from the steaks of Australia, burgers and fries of USA, cheese and desserts of France and finally pizza and truffles of Italia. A big THANK YOU to Sally of My Custard Pie for organizing the event. Entering the grand lobby we were welcomed by Amanda Chong, Public Relations and Tarik Kaddoumi, Manager/Online Marketing of Atlantis, Dubai. We first proceeded to Seafire Steakhouse and Bar restaurant and we were introduced to Chef Sasha Triemer, Executive Chef of Atlantis. I have always been intrigued on what Seafire has to offer, yes I do know it’s a steakhouse but is it like any other steakhouse? Behind those massive wood doors a warm interior welcomed us bunch of lovely ladies. Did you know that Atlantis have their own beef? Atlantis cattle are raised in Queensland, Australia. They don’t even marinate their steaks it’s all in the beef just a little bit of salt and pepper, a good grill temperature and viola beef loving goodness mate! The …

Teen Cake for Shiandra

  Shiandra like almost every teen I know loves Justin Bieber. I searched the www for a JB inspired cake but didn’t find any that suits my fancy then I remembered that Ate Shin loves to read book as well.   This is my first time to make a character out of fondant. I use Lorraine Mckay’s (of Extra Icing on the Cake)  tutorial on female character.   Underneath all that fondant is a yummy Moist Chocolate Cake with Chocolate Ganache filling.

The day I met Martha Stewart

Kari posted message below on our group wall: “Calling Martha Stewart Fans!!! Martha Stewart is coming to Dubai! FIA is invited to the launch and signing of her new magazine at Tavola MOE. It’s on Saturday 18th June at 14:00. Please arrive a little earlier so to purchase a magazine and form a line for the signing. Magazines will be available at the store. Who is in?” I got excited and was the 3rd one to reply and immediately called C announcing that Martha is coming to Dubai. We checked our weekend schedule and confirmed that the children’s party that Saturday will be at 5pm. Lucky me! We arrived at MOE around 12:30 noon headed to straight to Tavola to make sure that we arrived before the scheduled time which was 2pm. Vierte by then has been asking where his friends are and why are we at Mommy’s place. Coy suggested that we eat something first, Vierte immediately announced that he’s hungry. It was nice to see that not only women lined up to see …

Family weekend fun and meeting Martha

As mentioned here we had a busy weekend. Two of our family friends celebrated an important milestone for their little ones, Liam my godson celebrated his 2nd birthday and Terd had a Christian dedication. Liam’s 1st Birthday Race Car Cake I just realized now that I’ve been making Liam’s birthday cake every year. For his first birthday I made a cars themed cake and for this year a Mickey Mouse themed cake. Liam love Mickey Mouse and you would find him quietly seated in front of the TV whenever the famous Disney character is on. This is just a simple cake using basic shapes. I used a circle cookie, flower and little bird cutters. I kept asking Vierte for approval if the cake looked nice and he would make a comments like “Ma put more here and here” and of course I obliged. When I told him I’m done he proudly declared “You did a good job Mama!” Chocolate Cupcakes with poured fondant. I made poured fondant by mixing water and left over fondant from the …

Ginataang Mais (Corn and Sticky Rice Pudding with Coconut Milk)

This year I found several Pinoy food bloggers around the world which led me to a group called Kulinarya Cooking Club which aims to promote Filipino Food. This month’s theme hosted by Adora from Adora’s Box and Diona from Tita Flips is “White Food.” For my first Kulinarya entry I chose something that I haven’t prepared before and a dessert that I’ve craved since last month – Ginataang Mais. Ginataan means food cooked with gata (coconut milk) which is extracted from grated coconut milk mix with warm water. You will find various Filipino desserts made with coconut milk ginataang bilo-bilo, ginataan halo-halo, Bicol express, and adobo sa gata to name a few. This dish suits the bed weather Manila is experiencing right now because of Bagyong Egay. Ginataang Mais is best eaten warm. Ginataang Mais (Corn and Sticky Rice Pudding with Coconut Milk) Ingredients: 1 cup    glutinous rice 4 cups  water 1 can    whole corn kernel, 150 fl.oz. 1 can    coconut milk, 14 fl.oz or 3 cups fresh coconut milk 1 can   …

Steve Wyrick

Magic has been a lifelong passion for Steve Wyrick. As a child growing up in Texas, he often practiced magic and the art of illusion for his friends. His passion eventually led him west to Las Vegas. Twelve years ago, he became the youngest Las Vegas headliner ever when his show debuted at Lady Luck in downtown Las Vegas.  Steve Wyrick