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DinnerTime ME Summertime Fusilli

A much needed help from DinnerTime

One of the most difficult task I have to do every week is menu planning specially when you have two picky eaters. The past week has been a challenging one – assisting kids with school work, keeping house in order, maintaining the blog and I’m not feeling well. Daddy C offered that he just buy take-out on his way home from office or we could just dine at our nearby shawarma place for dinner.  Take-out food for two straight days make us feel weird and bloated. Tired. Yes, I was just really tired. I was browsing pinterest for new dishes we can try when I got an email from DinnerTime offering us to try their services. The universe heard my plea and sent them to rescue me. Customers have four dinner menu to choose from – Standard, Vegetarian, Gluten-Free and Paleo box. I chose to try the standard box menu. Every week DinnerTime prepare a healthy balance menu which has been approved by their test panel for yumminess. All ingredients needed for the week was delivered in our …

Best restaurants in the Middle East

A lot of new restaurants has been opening around the UAE, it’s already hard to keep up on who now serve’s the best Asian or Middle Eastern cuisine. Today, I welcome a guest post from Nihad Huzayen who will share with us his take on the best restaurants in the Middle East. Nihad Huzayen is a passionate person who loves reading, writing, and of course… Food! His passion lies in sharing the love of food through leading people to restaurants that offer the best cuisines, service, and atmosphere. *** Home to 16 countries – Arabic speaking mostly – the Middle East is a region famous for its exquisite cuisines, which is inspired and dates back to the oldest cultures and civilization. Consisting of both small and large dishes; cuisines commonly use rice, wheat bread, cheese, various salads and dips, such as tabbouleh, hummus and mutabbal, pickles, and more substantial items, such as grilled meat, kibbeh, and sausage to their table. SUFRA – Jordan Dedicated to deliver a truly authentic Jordanian experience, Sufra perfectly reflects and celebrates the Jordanian taste …

A relaxing family stay at Novotel Fujairah

Last weekend, we packed some stuff and drove to Fujairah. Novotel Hotel was our host for two nights, which is located at the heart of the city and just a few minutes away from the city mall. You can search for Hotel Novotel Fujairah on your google maps for easy navigation. Daddy C mentioned that Novotel/Ibis hotel’s caters mostly to business travelers. I didn’t do any research on what the hotel has to offer for our family of four, Daddy was sure though that if they have a swimming pool then him and the kids will be happy.

Aling Foping’s Halo-Halo

Halo-halo is the Philippine’s ultimate summer dessert.  It’s the perfect treat as soon as the weather heat’s up. I remember consuming at least 2-4 glasses of Razon’s halo-halo weekly when I was pregnant with Kuya V. Aling Foping’s is a well-known outdoor eatery in Davao located at Matina Town Square (MTS), famous for it’s halo-halo, bibingka and chili con carne. It still remains to be one of our pit stop when we’re visiting Mama in Davao, it’s her favorite place to get this cold treat.

Fabulous Festivities with The H Dubai

We are definitely in a Christmas mood after attending our first tree lighting ceremony and first Santa encounter this season at The H Dubai. I posted a video of the tree lighting in my instagram, you can view it here. Walk pass by the Christmas tree and you will see an edible gingerbread house, almost as tall as Kuya V.

‘Frozen’ winter wonderland at Ski Dubai

UAE residents are lucky to experience eternal winter just like Kristoff, Princess Ana and Queen Elsa of Frozen. Yes, an eternal winter in the desert  is possible because of Ski Dubai and to make your experience more exciting, Majid Al Futtaim Leisure & Entertainment and Disney collaborate to create a Frozen experience in the coldest destination here in UAE.