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dubai garden glow

Dubai Garden Glow: Fun Family Attraction

Dubai once again opened one of the worlds largest themed gardens, the Dubai Garden Glow, now on its second season. Located at Zabeel Park the garden offers two attractions for the whole family to enjoy  – Dinosaur Park and Garden Glow. Tickets cost 60 AED per person, guests under 3 years old can enjoy park for free.  Price seem to be expensive but considering you get to see two attractions I do think its worth a visit. Access to park is via Gate 6 and 7 of Zabeel Park. I suggest you visit the park at 4pm to give you ample time to enjoy day light at the Dinosaur Park, have dinner then proceed to Glow Garden by sundown. Dinosaur Park The park features 100 life-sized dinosaurs and a few of them “interacts” with visitors by means of sounds and movements. All these things make it more realistic to a child (adult too), I imagined this would be quite scary for a toddler at night. Dinosaur lovers will have fun walking through each period and reading all the information …

Jebel Jais Mountain sunrise

Sunrise at Jebel Jais Mountain

We recently had a week long holiday here in Dubai to celebrate Arafat Day and Eid Al Adha. That was one week of no school for the kids and 5 days off for Daddy C. Our plan was to stay home and setup Christmas decorations. Carla of MyYellowbells invited us to join her family for a road trip to Jebel Jais Mountain. So we did. Four cars convoyed to the emirate of Ras Al Khaimah where UAE’s highest mountain is located. Jebel Jais Mountain stand tall at approximately 1900m above sea level and promises a scenic and rustic view of sunrise. We left Al Qusais at 3:30 am and arrived at 5:40 am, just before sunrise. No lights on the zigzag road going up so make sure your headlights are working fine and drive slowly. We stopped at the last camp site only to find out from other campers that the trail going up to the highest peak is close due to road construction. There was no available signs (as far as we know) on where …

Kids Fest Global Village

Kid’s Rule at Global Village

For the whole month of February, Dubai’s leading family attraction focus it’s attention to our children with the launch of Kids Fest, the festival’s main purpose is to provide fun and interactive entertainment. All of the events are free of charge and included in the price admission. Shows include the famous acrobatic show ‘Circus Circus’, a photo op with the Smurfs and a chance to be part of a show choreographed by the Global Show Academy. Unfortunately, we did not catch any of the shows instead we spent most of the time at Fantasy Island which features rides and games for the whole family. This game was a memorable one since it was the first time LittleMiss played a game and won! She dragged that big white bear all over Global Village. Kuya V once again challenged himself to face his fear and do the maze.  He almost gave up, good thing the guide encouraged and showed him that it was safe and easy. We are so proud of him! There was so many changes at Global …

Kids fun at Dubai Park

Afternoon at the Park

For us desert dwellers, Dubai weather is freezing at 18c well not so much for my children who refuse to wear jackets when we go out. An afternoon in the park with  no gadgets for the kids just the good old running and getting themselves dirty. LittleMiss was happy playing mama to her baby alive doll Lucy. That afternoon we stopped by Paul at Sahara Centre to get a complimentary picnic bag filled with delicious sandwiches, pastries, fresh juice and salads. Paul’s picnic concept is convenient for those spur of the moment picnic outdoors.   Disclaimer: We were given a complimentary picnic basket from Paul.

Keeping kid’s cool this summer

UAE was declared the hottest place in the world with temperature of 50.5 degrees Celsius last June 2. It is officially summer time in the region. Walking in the afternoon to drop off Kuya V to his Arabic class has been a torture with the mighty sun and hot winds. During this time we find ourselves in the comfort of our air conditioned home, entertaining ourselves with crafts and cartoons. I am also busy preparing for our summer trip to Los Angeles, researching for things to do and what to wear. Yes, I do a lot of search on what we should wear as I find it helps in packing the right clothes for our trip. July weather forecast for LA is between 24C to 29C, a treat really for us coming from sunny Dubai. I found these cute and comfortable summer outfit inspiration for the LittleOnes at Gap. During our flights, I prefer to dress the kids in a sleepwear like clothes. They can easily move and easy to change them in case of emergency spills. Both kids sleep without blankets …

Cartoon work by Orsi Joni

Orsi Joni at DubFest 2015

Chloe and I were admiring an artist doing her magic using charcoal, when she blurted out “I want me draw too, Ma” so I asked her if she can sit down still so the lady can draw us, “Yes, Mommy.” We met the artist, Orsi Joni from Budapest. It was her first Art Festival outside Europe and first time in Dubai.