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Hello 2017!

I am always on the mood to make goals and get organize at the start of the year, but I only do so on my mind which like all of the marvelous ideas I’ve had, it all flew away with the wind. This year I am determined to be more organized and be thankful every day.  I am currently working on family calendar and blessings jar. Wishing you all a beautiful life story filled this 2017!

Family using devices

Technology: Friend or Foe in Family Life?

Families around the world at one point or another have felt the disconnect between parents and children, and even between the adults, which is why we all felt the joy from the Dolmio Pepper Grinder advertisement when it shut off all the electronics in the house, leaving family members with no choice but to converse at the dinner table. Despite technology’s ability to connect others living in different parts of the globe, ironically enough of our devices have this ability to handicap people in social situations, directing our attention to keeping the whole world in the loop instead of focusing on the people right in front of us. But people often forget that there are two sides to every story. While mobile internet can distract us from family time, when used correctly our smartphones and tablets can benefit and even strengthen family bonds. Before the age of smartphones, we had to rely on phone calls, texting and refrigerator calendars to keep up with our kids lives. But thanks to all the developments in mobile technology, …

Pedestrian Friendly Dubai

A request for more pedestrian friendly Dubai

Our area which consists mostly of residential building has 6 schools and two hospitals nearby. The traffic situation can be busy in the mornings during school week and scary during off hours. Ped Xing – means pedestrian crossing Pedestrian – a person walking LittleMiss C and I have been walking to and from school everyday since she started. Her nursery was just 5 minutes on foot from our old place and now the new school is just 10 minutes walk from our place. It’s convenient, healthy and economical to just walk specially during Dubai winter. On our walks we have only seen 2 Ped Xing lines and notice a lack of road signs that inform drivers a school is present. With 6 schools in the area motorists will encounter parents with children walking and trying to cross the street. Most of the drivers respect pedestrians and take time to stop even if Ped Xing is not available, sadly some do not stop. We need to cross 1 main road and 2 residential streets to get to school. On the main road a crossing …

Promoting Kids’ Creativity & Imagination

I am always finding way’s to keep my LittleOnes entertained, less gadget and more play. Today we have a guest post from Charlotte where she shares a list of toys and activities that will help our children get busy. Charlotte Sorley is a mum of three and is always looking for new ways to keep her little ones entertained to allow her to finally get round to those pesky chores. When she’s not running around after her brood she loves walking the dog and the odd spot of gardening *** It’s amazing how much imagination children have and how much fun they can enjoy in their self-created worlds. Beyond entertaining a child, their imagination and creativity are vital for growth and development. Along with literacy, mathematical, social and physical skills, creativity should be nurtured for a well-rounded skill set. Here are some ways that you can encourage their imaginations. Jigsaws and puzzles The magic of watching a puzzle come together to create a beautiful image has been a popular pastime for many generations. Choose a themed one that …

Kuya V’s first competition

Vs teachers encouraged him to join the competition, and he said yes. Every session teacher’s reassured each student that doing your best is important and winning is a bonus. He did not win. Dad and I asked if he would like to join next year’s competition, he said YES. He promised that next competition he will practice every day. We are so proud of you!

Just before you turn two

My sweet Chloe Isabelle, In a few weeks you will turn 2 and I haven’t even shared how we celebrated your first birthday. You blew your 1st birthday candle in three different cities – Hong Kong, Manila and Davao. We bought a Mango Creme Cake at Maxims Bakery in Hong Kong. It was our last day in Hong Kong when you turned a 1 year old.

Embracing mess – letting go of extra stress

My daily goal (struggle) is to keep the house clean. It is important to me that when unexpected guests visit they are welcomed to a tidy house.  Somehow, an untidy home tells something about me. I find myself getting irritated with every bit of mess I see. Biscuit crumbs on the sofa. Socks hiding under couch. Origami shaped paper scattered in every corner of the house. Toy’s all over the floor and sometimes inside the refrigerator. In the middle of spending time with my LittleOnes, I stand up and do a bit of picking up. I start cleaning and forget that I was playing with them. Mess stress scene:


I breastfed V for exactly two years and I am still breastfeeding LittleMiss C. Both of them refer to breastfeeding, breast and milk (from mommy) as “nanan,” a word we adapted when V was about a week old  which was suggested by Lola Alma. LittleMiss C in her 18 months only had “nanan” in a bottle when I left her in the care of Lola Let and she didn’t liked it at all. Big brother V didn’t see her sister drink from a bottle and for him, babies like her sister only get milk from Mommy’s “nanan”. Last week, V’s exam results and papers are back, his answer to one question on the PSHE subject caught my attention. It made me laugh and really proud. Question: When I was a baby I drink in a  Nanan   I asked him why he didn’t answer baby bottle. He simply replied “Mama, Chloe and I only drink in your nanan. Please tell teacher that I’m correct, I think she doesn’t know that “nanan” is drinking milk from you.” Saddens my heart …