Month: April 2008

yummy watermelon

We think Vierte likes anything that is cold, he prefers that we serve him cold mashed veggies paired with a cold water. Here’s a video of him eating watermelons after dinner

Love You Forever

Made a trip to National Bookstore and bought myself a copy of this book, read it to Vierte that night and I was teary eyed once more.I read the poem/story below from Ms. D’s site, I got teary eyed after. Love You Forever by Robert Munsch A mother held her new baby and very slowly rockedhim back and forth, back and forth, back and forth. And while she held him, she sang: I’ll love you forever,I’ll like you for always,As long as I’m living my baby you’ll be. I really really recommend that you buy the book, that’s why I cut the story short.

6 and hungry

Last month I’ve started searching the internet for some baby food recipe’s and all about introducing solid food. This site is very informative on baby food, how to’s, and recipe’s.See, the moment I learned that I was pregnant I have decided to breastfeed and prepare his food myself and would try my best not to rely on milk formula and store bought baby food.This week Vierte turned 6 months, which also means he can now start really eating with us on the table. When he reached 4mo, he would hungrily stare at us during mealtime which would always temp his lola bing to let him taste some fruit, veggies and even ice cream kasi “kawawa naman ang bata”. For his first meal, Coy and I planned for me to cook and mash potatoes unfortunately walang available sa bahay so I opted for the only available food for him which was apples.From the Mashed Apple recipe (yes I have printed a whole lot of babay food recipe) the instruction was to peel, cut to cubes, and …