Month: September 2015

Banana Oatmeal Cupcake recipe

Banana Oatmeal Cupcake

I buy a bunch of bananas and wait for them to ripen, have that beautiful zebra spots. My LittleOnes know that ones they see spots it’s time to make smoothie, bread or cupcake. The cupcakes are great to pack for school baon or afternoon snack, bake them and store on the refrigerator. Enjoy!   Linked to: Tasty Tuesday’s | Clear Out & Eat

Puto Cheese and Strawberry Yoghurt

2015 Bento Week: September 13 – 17

This was quite a challenging week, I was not feeling quite myself – no energy to get up early in the morning and do chores the rest of the day. I’m just happy we survived yet another week, we have food on the table and healthy. Sunday We have a messy looking turkey ham and cheese rolls, apple slices, steamed sweet corn and yakult. Monday Baked chicken katsu the night before for today’s bento. Kuya V went to school with a chicken katsu onigirazu, sugar cookies, apples and watermelon balls. LittleMiss had chicken katsu strips, sugar cookies and watermelon balls. I added a homemade kimchi sidedish for Daddy’s pack lunch. Tuesday Made use of left over salmon from last nights dinner and made fried rice.  LittleMiss asked that I pack her some Hello Kitty bread and cheese and as always a yoghurt milk. We use a Goodbyn lunchbox here. Kuya V’s lunch was packed in a Thermos Funtainer which was filled with Salmon fried rice and meatballs with Bolognese sauce. A banana and nutella bread …

Pan-seared scallops on cauliflower purée

Family date night and Truffles at Rosso, Amwaj Rotana

We were invited by Amwaj Rotana to dine at their Italian restaurant Rosso. It’s truffle season and they have a special menu featuring the diamond of the culinary world. I was very excited for my bunch to try real shaved truffles, they have only tried truffle infused oil on pasta’s I cook at home. The bar area was already full at 7:30 pm that Friday night, we sadly did not have the option to dine al fresco because of the sandstorm. We walked past the busy bar to the sitting area which had a good view of the kitchen. My LittleOnes always like to see the chef’s prepare the food so that kept them busy while we browsed the menu. Dad and I was settled to try their truffle dishes while the kids asked for pizza, steak and chicken. A complimentary basket of bread with butter and olive paste was served. For starters we had Beef Carpaccio Manzo with Black Truffles and AntiPasto Misto. The carpaccio was good start to our night, the dish had …

pancake bears and watermelon balls

2015 Bento Week: September 6 – 10

Second week of school and we are getting into the groove. I should really plan a week worth of packed lunch for the bunch but still procrastinating in doing one, hopefully before the month ends. Here’s our bento baon for the week. Sunday We had fish tempura for dinner and the LittleOne’s loved it, they requested that I pack it for their baon this week. My one concern is how to keep tempura crispy by lunch time, recipe and tips on how to keep it a bit crispy, here. Inside our goodbyn we have fish tempura + ketchup, sweet corn, mandarin oranges.   Monday Kuya V shared over our tea time that most of his friends only pack 1 food in school while he has lot’s of choices and thanked me for giving him a good baon. I told him that his bento today will remind him to always eat his school food or else Mama’s mood will be grumpy. We packed sweet ham, rice, boiled egg and waffles inside our smash box containers bought …

Madame Tussauds

Meeting Hollywood Stars at Madame Tussauds

After a few days in Los Angeles we took a road trip to Las Vegas to meet my Uncle B, Ceasar Palace is our home during this stay.. He’s the younger brother of my Papa and took on the role of being a father for me and my siblings since my Papa passed away. Spending time with him was the main reason why we decided to spend our summer in the USA, he’s planning to retire soon and want to show us what was life like there. He is Lolo Dino to my children and he does a good grandpa job. Oh how he spoils them. We initially planned to just spend 3 days in Vegas but he convinced us that the kids will have fun with all the theater shows so we extended our stay to five days. I think that he just really want to spend quality time with them where it’s only him showering them with attention. He planned our itinerary, first stop was Madame Tussauds. It was our first time. The figures look …

Fish Tempura

We like crispy crunchy food. My picky eaters tend to eat vegetables it’s cooked tempura style. Kuya V has been requesting to have tempura packed in his bento, but I always have the issue of keeping them crispy by the time he gets to school. I read somewhere that the secret to make tempura crispy for a long time is to drain the oil as much as you can and pack it the container only when it’s in room temperature. Fried and drained them in a colander then to a paper towel. Kuya V came home happy to report that the tempura was still a little bit crispy on some side.

Kiehl’s Baby Collection

LittleMiss developed a rash in her elbow before we left for summer vacation. We initially taught it was because she was consuming too much chicken and dairy – we are still waiting for the result of her allergy test to confirm this. After a few days the small rash became bigger in her left elbow, we went to a Dermatologist and had it checked. The doctor said she developed an Eczema and ordered a allergy blood test to rule out food related concerns. He also prescribed a milder soap and lotion, it did help and she complained less of it being itchy. We came back from our vacation and still using the same product when she once again complained frequent of her eczema. Kiehl’s Middle East surprised us with a package of their newest Baby Collection – Gentle Baby Hair and Foaming Wash. They use shea butter, botanical oil blend (rice bran oil, olive fruit oil, apricot kernel oil), and Vitamin E to formulate both their wash and lotion. I started using the Kiehl’s Baby Hair and …

2015 Bento Week: August 31 – September 3

First week of school. Yay! Goodbye summer. Boo! It was a tough first week of school for this Mama, my mind and body was not ready for the super early wake-up alarm. Boohoo!  Kuya V is definitely excited to see his school friends and to learn a new language – French.   We survived the first school week and back to sharing our weekly baon / bento. I post our daily bento on our instagram account, make sure you follow us. Monday Kuya V requested to bring pack rice in his thermos container because he wanted to have warm food for school. Today’s baon consists of steamed jasmine rice, vegetable meatballs, teriyaki sauce, apples and chocolate chip cookies. Lunchbox used goodbyn and thermos.