Month: February 2012

Cloth Diaper

For the past week I’ve been reading about cloth diapers and boy was the information overwhelming. There’s like a secret language when you’re into cloth diapering. Here’s some of them that you would encounter: CD – cloth diaper MCD – modern cloth diaper AIO – All in One AI2 – All in Two or Hybrid Pocket Fitted   I have so far been eyeing the following diapers   *clicking the image will direct you the the brand’s site.   I’m still not sure whether the AIO or Pocket cloth diaper will work for us that’s why we have decided to try each kind available and work on our diaper stash when the baby arrives. As what other mom’s suggested online you will never know which one will work for you unless you’ve tried it yourself. I assumed that cloth diapers will be available in the UAE market but I was wrong and didn’t find one single store in the mall that have them. Luckily I found a lady who sells the Australian brand itti bitti and …

Baby Bump Update: 21 weeks and feeling better

We had our full detailed scan* at Fetal Medicine Center last Saturday. My OB required me to do the scan just to make sure that our baby’s growth is normal. Thank God that everything is normal and baby’s growth is inline with what is expected in 21 weeks.   Along with the scan we have already confirmed (for the 3rd time) the gender of the baby but that deserve’s another post with some cake 🙂 Our next check-up will be on March 10 hopefully I’ve gained some weight by then since I’ve been losing since the start of the pregnancy. I’m eating well now and often look for something to eat every 30 minutes.   *Detailed Fetal Scan – 1000 dhs

Cassava Cake

I have the pleasure of hosting Kulinarya Cooking Club’s February challenge with Marni of Kensington Kitchen. February is the love month of the year and what better way to celebrate February than to reminisce about once first love. We asked our fellow KCC to prepare a dish that would make one recall our first love. ohhh first love…Growing up I didn’t have any clear idea on what love really is. Back then love for me would be that cute stares across the table or that one nice gesture out of the blue. That happy feeling would last a day or two with numerous diary entries of what could happen tomorrow. Love is a fairy tale, I’m the princess waiting for my prince charming to rescue me from all the hardships and pain. I had my first heartbreak at 5 years old when I lost the one man in my life who gave me everything, my Papa. Since then I protected my heart but then some days I failed and met plenty of prince along the …

Hearts’ Day

Last week V came home asking me to make some cake for his friends in school when I asked why he replied “It’s Valentines Day Mama.” I browsed around Pinterest (you just get lost in there) for some toddler valentine craft and found plenty of cute and easy crafts V and I can do. V sat down with me and he absolutely love these Butterfly Valentine craft from SkipTomyLou   V went to school today with his Vday gift to his teachers and friends. He started with the two nannies in his school bus. “Happy Valentines Nanny! I have a gift for you. Thank you for taking care of me.”     Happy Heart’s day everyone!