Month: October 2016

Spreading Healthy Lunchbox Fun with Al Islami

We had a fun filled and exciting weekend at the Al Islami Kids Club mall invasion held at Arabian Center last Friday. The event I was most excited about that day was the Lunchbox Competition. We had more than ten participants who prepared healthy and creative lunchboxes. A lot of the participants had a clear game plan on how to present Al Islami protein products the star of their lunchboxes. It seems like the parents were more tensed during the competition (I would be too), I could hear them giving instruction to their kids and making sure that they don’t forget important components like fruits and vegetables. I joined Alisha Haque of SCAFA and teen Chef Bella on stage as one of the judge for the competition.   Before the competition, I was in the meet and greet booth talking about the three bento lunch boxes I prepared showcasing six Al Islami Food products. Inside our first lunchbox we have a grilled Al Islami Chicken Sheesh Kebab on top of a whole wheat, Al Islami Cheese Samosa, lettuce, grapes and kiwi. Our second lunchbox is similar …

monster burger bento lunchbox

Bento Lunchbox Menu October 16-20

Here is what I packed for the kids last week. You will notice that some days are empty, reason is I was in a rush that morning and did not get a chance to snap a photo of the lunch box. School Lunch Box menu for October 16-20: Sunday – October 16: No lunch box photo Monday – October 17: Our first lunchbox to support Al Islami Kids Club campaign of healthy eating. Made use of Al Islami Foods chicken thighs for our honey soy chicken.   Tuesday – October 18: Chloe had cream cheese sandwich and Vierte went to school with money to buy food at the canteen.  *no photo Wednesday – October 19: Celebrating Halloween with a pumpkin shaped puff pastry filled with minced chicken from Al Islami Foods.   Thursday – October 20: Two versions of burger to make both kids happy. A strawberry-eyed burger for Chloe and spooky one for Vierte.   #LetsMakeLunchFun and Healthy for our family. Join in the fun of lunch box packing and use #LetsMakeLunchFun tag on …

3doodler start 3d pen review

Getting Creative with 3Doodler Pen

We first saw and got a to try a 3D pen during the innovation week held at one of the malls here in Dubai. Vierte spent most of his time trying out the pen but he needed an adult supervision since the device tip is hot and not safe for kids. Last week, I received an email from the representatives of Precise Group to try out a child friendly 3D printing pen, the 3Doodler Start. Precise Group are the sole distributors in the Middle East. Out of more than 30 things he listed for Christmas, one wish was to own a 3D pen.  I knew that he would be delighted to be amongst the first kid in Dubai to get his hands on this amazing tool. Why we like the 3Doodler Start No Hot Parts. Pen makes use of a special eco-plastic stick which melts at a lower temperature. The pen itself does not get hot and a kid can touch the melted plastic as it is not hot. The 3Doodler pen is lightweight and easy for the small hands to grip. Easy …

speedo swim squad class

Speedo Splash Session

One word that would get my kids excited and ready within minutes is “swimming” We were invited to the Speedo Splash Session event that was held at The Palace Downtown. “Oh Mama, I feel like we are inside one of the castles in my fairytale books.” Stepping outside the pool area was just as beautiful with a view of the tall buildings and Dubai water fountain. They promised a fun morning of swimming led by qualified instructors from the Speedo Swim Squad. I could not help but instantly say YES! because I knew my water babies will have fun. Daddy C and I are firm believers that kids should know how to swim. It is one life skill that they will have in them always. Kuya V had swimming lessons in his kindergarten years but this was no longer available when he transferred school so we made sure that he continue learning with him in our building pool and with a certified instructor. Chloe started swim lessons when she began Foundation Stage 1  and still continue to do so now since it is …

bbq chicken dog bento lunchbox

Bento Lunchbox Menu October 9-13

I was reviewing my posts this morning and realized that I missed posting two weeks worth of  our lunchbox menu. Totally blaming my multiple dose of anesthesia and lazy bug. School Lunch menu for October 9-13 below Sunday – October 9: BBQ Chicken Drumsticks with”puppy” shaped rice because Vierte was missing his dogs in the Philippines Monday – October 10: Quinoa Beef Meatballs with rice and biscuits. Tuesday – October 11: Beef tapa with rice, tomatoes and carrots. A hearty protein meal because V has try-outs for sports day. Wednesday – October 12: Chicken dumplings with carrots Thursday – October 13: Quinoa beef meatballs makes a repeat because Mama woke up late.   #LetsMakeLunchFun and Healthy for our family. Join in the fun of lunch box packing and use #LetsMakeLunchFun tag on your IG posts.  

al islami chicken bento lunchbox

Inspiring Happier and Healthier Kids with Al Islami Kids Club

I am so happy and honored to be part of Al Islami Kid’s Club campaign to inspire kids and their families to make healthier food choices. Who would have thought that from the first project I worked with them which was to showcase simple and fun bento box, it has now become a social awareness. Al Islami’s very own teen Chef Bella has been busy visiting schools in the UAE to inspire kids to live a happy, healthy and active lifestyle. As of the moment they have reached out to more than 3000 students across the United Arab Emirates. Al Islami Kid’s Club will be officially launched on October 28 at Arabian Centre. Kids participating in the competition will have a chance to win 10,000 AED, an iPad and be featured in the next campaign. It will be a whole day of fun and learning on how to make healthier choices. Entrance is free and you will get a chance to participate in a kids cooking class hosted by SCAFA, arts and crafts activities, a photo and selfie booth and a talk to Chef Bella …

sufra brunch hyatt regency dubai

Family Friday Brunch at Sufra (Hyatt Regency Dubai Creek Heights)

I was hinting the night before that I want to go to a Friday brunch, found myself searching for Entertainer deals and was happy to see that Sufra of Hyatt Regency Dubai Creek Heights was on the list. The first time we had brunch at Sufra was during the media lunch of their Family Friday Brunch. It was our first time in the hotel then and I fell in love with the relaxing ambience as you enter the lobby and all that natural light was just so beautiful. My husband and I agreed that we should go back and try out their brunch without strings attached. Sufra’s Friday Brunch serve different cuisines from the Middle Eastern, Mediterranean, Indian and Western specialties, wide range of seafood options and specials from the in house La Tablita Mexican restaurant. One of the memorable dishes during our first visit was served by La Tablita – I can’t get enough of their empenadas even the kids enjoy them. The tamarind drink was also soo good. We are planning to dine at the Mexican restaurant soon. They also have something to cater seafood lovers – oysters, …

recipe Carrot Apple Oatmeal Healthy Cookies

Lunch Box Recipe: Carrot and Apple Oat Cookies

My children are not big fans of eating vegetables and fresh fruits. One of the creative ways to make them consume fruits and vegetables is by making smoothie, ice cream or hiding them in some dish. Sometimes, knowing that some vegetables are part of a dish I prepare turns them off. Besides giving dish funny names, sneaking in vegetables is one of the best ways to get them eat something they swore to hate. Chloe swore that apples makes her sick and oatmeal looks yucky. So when I found the recipe that would disguise two food she dislikes, I just needed to give it a go. It is like chocolate chip cookies only healthier. I slightly change the original recipe from Super Healthy Kids because I ran out of honey and my bunch are not big fans of coconut oil smell. This is a soft cookie so would be perfect for your toddlers as well. I have been packing them as a treat for the kids, definitely going to be staple healthy snack in our house. #LetsMakeLunchFun and healthy for our …