Month: April 2014

LittleOnes Library: Reading time

iPad is strictly off limits during school days. Kuya Vierte complained that there was nothing for him to do, LittleMiss was sleeping and I was busy cleaning up – I have no one to play with, he said. I told him to read me a story a loud, he once again complained that we already know all the stories and all of our books are for babies. I reminded him that we did have books for 6yo kids – some from Dr. Seuss and Encyclopedia for kids. With a sad face he stomped and browsed our book shelf. Finally, he chose “Time for Kids: Almanac 2014” and minutes later – silence – he was enjoying. I promised him that Mommy will stop work and take time to sit down and read with them.

Mattress Sanitazing Treatment by The Healthy Home

Both kids suffer from some kind of dust allergy. We are especially concerned about Kuya V’s almost daily morning sneeze and recurring wheezing cough. I don’t want him to go under Singular medication again. “Impurities and micro-organisms such as dust mites, bacteria, mold, fungi and viruses are easily brought into your home from your external environment through AC ducts/ventilation, shoes, bags, clothing and even your skin. “ To try and fight off his allergy we do the following – change bed/pillow sheets every week, vacuum and steam mattress 2x a week, wash pillows and sun-dry every month and lastly I insist on changing our pillows (we are a family of “sleeping droolers”) every year. I received an email from Mr. Hisham Jaber, one of the founders of The Healthy Home ME (HHME) offering us a complimentary mattress sanitizing treatment. I am aware of the company and have read about Corrine’s review here, I even joined several online competitions sponsored by the company but sadly didn’t win. I accepted the complimentary treatment and asked to be …

Easter Brunch at JW Marriot Hotel

We celebrated Easter Sunday and our 7 yrs wedding anniversary at JW Marriot Hotel. Dad’s company was one of the few companies that was on holiday that day, we were fortunate to be able to hear mass and celebrate Easter with our closest friends. Most of the hotels here in Dubai had Easter brunch activity scheduled on a Saturday since Sunday is the start of work week here. We agreed to book an Easter brunch at The Market Place of JW Marriot Hotel. Brunch cost 300 Aed and we can use our Entertainer voucher of Buy 1 buffet and get 1 free, so that makes 150 each person, a good deal.

Banana Raspberry Smoothie

We are definitely feeling Mr. Suns’ heat here in the sandpit. The weather is still nice enough to stay outdoors and enjoy some smoothie. Stored some on our Sili Squeeze for Vs school lunchbox. Banana Raspberry Smoothie Recipe: 1 ripe Banana 1 cup Raspberries (I had frozen ones from our fruit market stash) 1 1/2 cup Yoghurt 1/2 cup Milk 3 tbsp Honey 1 cup ice cubes (if you’re not using frozen berries) 1 tbsp Chia seeds Blitz everything in your blender. Sprinkle some chia seeds and serve.

Embracing mess – letting go of extra stress

My daily goal (struggle) is to keep the house clean. It is important to me that when unexpected guests visit they are welcomed to a tidy house.  Somehow, an untidy home tells something about me. I find myself getting irritated with every bit of mess I see. Biscuit crumbs on the sofa. Socks hiding under couch. Origami shaped paper scattered in every corner of the house. Toy’s all over the floor and sometimes inside the refrigerator. In the middle of spending time with my LittleOnes, I stand up and do a bit of picking up. I start cleaning and forget that I was playing with them. Mess stress scene: