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FREE Back to School Distance Learning banner

So it begins! We have chosen ‘distance learning’ school mode for both our kids since this is the best setup for our family right now. The excitement this school year might is not the same as the previous ones; for the first time we did not bother much with school shopping besides the essentials. No need to buy uniforms, shoes and socks. Alarm not as early, this I am very pleased. Despite all the crazy happening around, we are all trying our best to make this 1st week of school a smooth one because when we just open our eyes we will see so many reasons to smile. With that… let me present my babies with the new school setup and a FREE back to school: distance learning banner for 2020 – 2021 school year. Fancy using our First Day #backtoschool banner? Click link below to download. FREE #BackToSchool Distance Learning Banner.

#LunchBoxTalk School Lunch Kit

#LunchBoxTalk – Prepare your kids Lunch Box Kit

Are you availing of the school lunch package or preparing one at home? Tin or plastic? Compartment or box type? Let’s talk about SCHOOL LUNCH KIT!  In this post I will share our favorite boxes and essentials that make my lunch packing easier. Also, check out previous post on Top 5 things you need to get your lunch kit ready. Collect this items! These things are stuff you can easily gather and build a stash off from eating out or having food delivered. Table Napkins Wet Wipes Disposable Utensils Condiment Packets – ketchup, mayo, salt and pepper You will save a lot by making it habit to keep the extra things listed above you get for free. Wash disposable utensils after use to save more moolah, mama! Water bottles Whether you choose BPA free plastic or stainless bottles for your kids, you should ask yourself  – “How to clean the bottle” I prefer water bottles that has removable parts because yucky molds can build up in corners. Base on our experience any removable parts can …

Free UAE School Calendar

FREE 2017 – 2018 UAE School Year Calendar

One of the things I like most during the season of back to school (new year) is the fresh start everyone get to have to organize stuff. I have been trolling Pinterest looking for ideas for a less stressful school year, I found tons! I chanced upon a school year wall calendar but it had marked Saturday and Sunday as weekends, which will not work for Middle East folks because our school/work day begins on Sunday and we have Friday and Saturday for weekend. Helen of ThMothershipDXB shared a wall calendar her family use which is very useful only if I had it printed last January! Took matters to my own hands and made myself (US!) a SY 2017-2018 Wall Calendar with Friday and Saturday greyed out. Paper size set is A3. Download 2017-2018 UAE School Year Calendar. I have checked all the weekend twice but in case you find a mistake, please let me know so I can edit and upload a new file. Hope this helps!  

bento lunch box tools back to school

Back to School: Get your lunch box kit ready!

We are about to bid farewell to unscheduled days of summer vacation. Hooray! Eldest son, Kuya V is off to Year 4 on the same school and is beyond excited to see his friends, talk about summer and how many Pokemon cards he collected and caught. As for LittleMiss C, she will be in KG2 this year, our baby at 4 years is still too young to be in KG 2! As with every new academic year, it is time to think about sleep routines, school uniforms, bags and lunch boxes. Here are my top five things to get your lunchbox kit ready for school. 1. Lunchbox and bottles: Do you need a new set of lunchbox kits? I always go for compartment style boxes for easy packing, we love our Planetbox and BentGo Kids. Check for leaks – fill bottles with water and lunchbox with yoghurt, give it a good shake and check for leaks. If they do have leaks I re-use them to store toys. Molds / Black spots – Make sure you check the interior of …

LittleMiss C’s first day in Kindergarten 2

It is officially back to school for us. Today, LittleMiss C begins this academic year in Kindergarten 2. How I beg her teacher to let her stay in KG-1, I just think she still so young (turned 4 years old last June) to move up the next level. Teacher assured me that with a little bit more work at home she will manage just fine. We started off the day great. I woke-up before the alarm. Lunchbox prepared the night before. Summer homework pack in her school bag. She was beyond excited on our way to school. We reached school and met her teachers who coincidentally was also Kuya V’s adviser when he was in KG 2. He became very excited for her “You will have fun. They were my teachers before too.” Tears… No idea what made her upset. She even greeted teachers when they met her. I spent 30 minutes consoling her and finally decided to just leave her in tears beside Teacher Belle. I was heartbroken. I wanted to just carry her …

Eataly End of Term Party

End of First Term Party

Kuya V’s class spent the winter vacation preparing for their first term exams. The school has changed the examination format from 3 exams to just 2 major exams with assessments in between. Last year assessments and exams where scheduled before school break, this change is not something I (or my fellow parents) are happy about. Believe me when you are a parent, school homework and tests is so stressful. I have never prepared and studied this much during my time. Let’s not talk about how I did in school, my Mom did see me go up the stage and receive my diploma. The kids deserve (parents as well) a treat for the hard work and doing their best. We surprise them with an “End of First Term Exam Party” at Eataly. I joined the giveaway hosted by The Son and The Moon and won this party package.   The party was scheduled on the last day of their exam, we had 13 confirmed kids, a mix of Kuya V’s year 3 classmates and family friends. Excited 8 year …

School lunch box ideas

2016 Bento Week: January 3 – 7

Hello 2016! I’m back to preparing baon for my happy crazy bunch. I hope this will help and inspire you to pack lunch. Sunday It’s the first day back to school after the winter break. Fried chicken was baked the night before and the steamed rice prepared that morning. LittleMiss starts FS1 in her new school. I wanted to prepare something that will make her smile while she’s in school. She was crying when I left her but was very happy when I picked her up after class. Thankful that her schoolmates made her feel happy. Kuya V was excited to see his friends. It’s going to be a busy month for us since we are preparing for his term 1 exams. How I wish they stuck with the exam schedules we had last school year, it was less stressful for all of us. Monday The night before we bought bread from Ceasars Bakeshop for baon. Chicken Tikka Roll for Kuya V and Cheese Bun for LittleMiss. Tuesday Bread was toasted on a hot frying pan with butter because I don’t own a toaster. …

Minions Tamagoyaki

Minions Themed School Bento Lunch Box

We love minions. The LittleOnes are crazy about them, after watching the latest Minion movie they spent a few days talking like minion Bob and Stewart. Mini Minions Tamagoyaki (Egg Rolls), steamed rice, fried dumplings, fruits and pretzels   Open face cheese sandwich, edible pen was use to draw a minion face. Tamagoyaki hearts, mix fruits and animal crackers. Make sure you also connect with us on Instagram and Facebook, where I do regular updates. Linked to Let Kids be Kids | What Kids Eat Wednesday Tag us on any of your bento lunchbox creations and use #UAEMakesBento and #WhatToEatMom on instagram. We are @cuddlesncrumbs on all social media platform.