Year: 2010


After reading few blogs here and there I realized that I haven’t been writing/updating this one. Bad me! “balit-tad” (baliktad) a Tagalog word which means up side down, example: wearing the right shoe on your left foot.  This is Vierte’s current favorite Tagalog word, he would sometimes read his book the wrong way and call my attention to announce “ma book is balit-tad” or when he wears his shoe/slippers in the wrong foot “Oh-oh balit-tad…Mama ano ba yan!” and laugh. He picks up his Tagalog words when Coy and I talk and his Bisaya words when he hears me talk to my Mama or my siblings. His Lolo Dino insists that we speak to him only in one language para di daw maguluhan. Coy and I on the other hand wants him to learn Tagalog and Bisaya para naman pag umuwi kami he can converse with his cousins at di “mabebenta” kasi naiintindihan nya yung mga taong nakapaligid sa kanya. Next year when he starts school Arabic and French classes are included in the curriculum, …


A few weeks after he turned two I introduced him to his potty seat a gift from Mamita. We started with telling him our potty time and would let him come inside the bathroom with either mom and dad.1st week:“Oh oh mama is yucky!” – that’s after him taking a wee on his brief. I would let him seat on the loo after and announce potty wee time2nd week:Addicted to the loo by now, every 30  minutes he would announce potty time. We only had 1 wee accident this week.3rd week:Got tired of it! He completely forgot potty time and we were back to wearing nappy.4th week:Insist in wearing his brief’s only and during our mall trip he would hold on to his wee till we get to the loo.