Month: November 2015

Banana biscoff bread recipe

Banana Biscoff Bread

Yes, I know another banana base recipe. We love them. It’s affordable and you can use it in a lot of things – smoothies, ice cream and pastries. I have a bottle of Crunchy Biscoff that’s going to expire in two months, the kids are over the biscoff cravings so I’m finding creative ways to use them. I have a lot of zebra ripe bananas, compared to other recipes we have here this recipe make use of more bananas which makes it yummier. I ladle about two cups of batter and add biscoff then top it off with banana slices and repeat till your pan is 3/4 full. Looking at the biscoff swirls made so happy, I imagined how pretty it would look when we slice the bread. But… The swirls were not obvious when I sliced the bread. Unless you look at each slice closely will you see the biscoff swirls, it will be a different story with nutella spread. Swirls gone but bread is moist and bursting with banana goodness. Tag me when you get …

Best restaurants in the Middle East

A lot of new restaurants has been opening around the UAE, it’s already hard to keep up on who now serve’s the best Asian or Middle Eastern cuisine. Today, I welcome a guest post from Nihad Huzayen who will share with us his take on the best restaurants in the Middle East. Nihad Huzayen is a passionate person who loves reading, writing, and of course… Food! His passion lies in sharing the love of food through leading people to restaurants that offer the best cuisines, service, and atmosphere. *** Home to 16 countries – Arabic speaking mostly – the Middle East is a region famous for its exquisite cuisines, which is inspired and dates back to the oldest cultures and civilization. Consisting of both small and large dishes; cuisines commonly use rice, wheat bread, cheese, various salads and dips, such as tabbouleh, hummus and mutabbal, pickles, and more substantial items, such as grilled meat, kibbeh, and sausage to their table. SUFRA – Jordan Dedicated to deliver a truly authentic Jordanian experience, Sufra perfectly reflects and celebrates the Jordanian taste …

International Children’s Day at Petit Bateau

Earlier this month, I attended a media breakfast hosted by Petit Bateau held at La Serre Dubai. Have you been to this cozy place located at the heart Downtown Dubai? They have one of the most amazing Eggs Benedict I have ever tasted. It was a really nice morning spent with some of my favorite UAE Bloggers, we got a chance to see Petit Bateau’s AW15 Collection before they hit the stores. I was only able to snap photos that I know LittleMiss will love because she has been requesting for a new set of clothes. They have really nice choices for our boys as well, I will share some of our favorites when we visit the store. “The Petit Bateau AW15 collection this season shakes things up as French designer Jean-Charles de Castelbajac visits his colourful, whimsical style on iconic Petit Bateau pieces. This kind of poetic reinterpretations is an art-designer who is constantly renewing his style and passion for colour. Reimagining Petit Bateau’s wardrobe and its nautical themes has been a fun cruise. In his …

Minions Tamagoyaki

Minions Themed School Bento Lunch Box

We love minions. The LittleOnes are crazy about them, after watching the latest Minion movie they spent a few days talking like minion Bob and Stewart. Mini Minions Tamagoyaki (Egg Rolls), steamed rice, fried dumplings, fruits and pretzels   Open face cheese sandwich, edible pen was use to draw a minion face. Tamagoyaki hearts, mix fruits and animal crackers. Make sure you also connect with us on Instagram and Facebook, where I do regular updates. Linked to Let Kids be Kids | What Kids Eat Wednesday Tag us on any of your bento lunchbox creations and use #UAEMakesBento and #WhatToEatMom on instagram. We are @cuddlesncrumbs on all social media platform.

iFly Dubai Mirdiff City Centre

Kuya V’s 8th Birthday iFly Dubai Challenge

Every time we pass by iFly Dubai located at Mirdiff City Centre, we would always spend a few minutes staring at people brave enough to fly and do tricks.  The boys would always tease each other on who would be brave enough to do it. While standing in amazement by the tricks done 7 years old Kuya V  blurted out “Ok! I’m doing it. When I turn 8 years old, I challenge myself to do iFly.” He is terrified with heights so this is a big deal for him. He finally did it on the eve of his 8th birthday with a request that Daddy do the challenge with him. So proud of your Kuya V!

Ceasar Palace Pool Fun

Our hotel stay at Ceasars Palace, Las Vegas

We left Downtown, Los Angels around 7 am and arrived at Las Vegas shortly after 12 noon. Yes, it took us almost 5 hours (should be just 4 hrs) because we had to do several stops to get food, refill car fuel and toilet break. We were not in a hurry because Uncle B was scheduled to arrive at 11 am so he checked-in the Ceasar Palace hotel for us, it was a blessing because there was long line waiting to be checked-in. As soon as our baggage arrived in the room, we headed out to get proper food, it was the first time that the kids refuse to have another bite of hotdog, chips or bread. Our room had 2 queen size bed and had a view of the Pallazo. Oh my jaccuzi! The kids told us that they want to have one in our house, if we have the space. They once had so much fun in the jaccuzi and they did not hear me knocking the door (I left my key card and phone inside), I had …

JRG Dubai Junior Food Critic

Junior Food Critic for Jumeirah Restaurant Groups

The LittleOnes were invited to play the role of Junior Food Critic for 20 restaurants under the Jumeirah Restaurant Group (JRG).  Ben Tobitt, JRG Group Head Chef and Gabrielle Kurz, Executive Well Being Chef were given the task to come up with nutritious and yummy wholesome food that will appeal to little diners. Although the menu is still in the early stage of research and development, the JRG Chef’s wanted to get the feedback of the kids and parents to further improve the dishes prepared. To be a Junior Food Critic was a serious job, kids were given feedback forms to rate each dish they manage to try. Our picky eater Kuya V was happy to take on the challenge and was able to try almost all of the dishes prepared, he even ate a vegetable salad! Most of the dishes he tried was given the happy smile rank. Here are some of our favorites: Kuya V kept on going back to get more of the Dahi Papdi Chaat prepared by Naya restaurant. LittleMiss who did not get a good nap that day only got to …