Month: March 2013

Are you ready for Taste of Dubai?

One of the many festival that we look forward too is Taste of Dubai (TOD). TOD will feature about 30+ restaurants, and cooking demo with celebrity chef’s – V is looking forward to have his picture taken with Jeny Morris and Reza. We went to our first TOD last year, the choices were overwhelming and we just manage to try food from 4 prominent restaurants. That’s why this year I am preparing our list on “What to eat at TOD!” with the help of my foodie friends from Fooderati Arabia. Below is a list of food preview they had for TOD: PearTreeDiaries – Thiptara & Asado Taste of Dubai Preview IshitaUnblogged – Taste of Dubai Menu Tasting the Hedonista – Taste Teaser Foodiva – Taste of Taste of Dubai My Custard Pie – Simple Italian Food    

Afternoon Tea Party with MamaKnowsDubai

We attended our first tea party last Sunday held at Millennium Airport Hotel hosted by MamaKnowsDubai. My family look forward to events organized/hosted by Kellie – Chief Mama of MamaKnowsDubai, she always make us feel welcome with her cheerful smile. Our first one was cineMama event held at Mercato. The weather was perfect that afternoon cool breeze and a little sunshine to keep us warm. V had fun with the kids on the bouncy castle while Chloe was happy sitting on the grass with a cookie. Every bite was yummy – Millennium Airport Hotel I also got to meet Leslie of BuckleUpDubai and Julia of who took photos that afternoon. Chatted and shared a smile with other moms as well, I hope to see them again on the next event. It was refreshing to enjoy the afternoon talking to other moms and just forget about house chores and what to cook for dinner. Looking forward to the next event with MamaKnowsDubai Hop on & bookmark MamaKnowsDubai for fun activities the whole family will surely …

How to Renew Philippine Passport in Dubai

V and I went to the Philippine Consulate this morning to renew our passports. Mine expired this month and V due to expire on November. Arrived at 7am to queue, Dad C was in line for us while the kids and I stayed in the car. Around 5 minutes to 8 am the line for passport application was escorted inside the consulate, this time Kuya V was with Dad. After 15 minutes Dad C called me to go inside the consulate, our passports were processed first since Kuya V (5 years old) was with us after 30 minutes we were done! Yes we may have experienced a fast smooth process because Kuya V was with me, but I do believe that the Consulate is trying their best to accommodate everyone the best they can. Some tips to ease application woes: Check when your passport will expire, and take note of it. (If Dad C didn’t buy our tickets for June I wouldn’t have known that my passport will expire this year. Book and appointment, you …

Crying over the claw game machine

  Kuya V begged me a dirham to play the claw game at Lulu, we don’t allow him to play this silly game since I know he will not get 1 dusty toy out. He insisted since he never tried it once so I gave in. He moved the claw from left to right just above the red plush toy push the button, he watched the claw move down with a wish to get the toy but the claw didn’t even manage to grab the toys tiny hair. Poor kid played it twice and failed. He cried all through out 30 minutes of grocery shopping asking me why he failed even if he tried he’s best.