Month: January 2008

Message for Vierte

baby love,For two days now you refuse to be put down and be carried by your yaya Michelle or tita Badet when Mommy’s around. Tita Badet discovered this week that we can actually sleep as long as your head is lying on our arms and our lips on your forehead.This morning, Mommy got worried cause you suddenly cried out loud while sleeping and you refuse to take your “nanan”, even rattle play didn’t work. Tumahimik ka lang when I hugged you real tight, your head resting on my shoulder. Mukhang all you need was to get the bad air out cause after that you gave us a sweet smile.Mommy and Daddy love’s you.

When to start with solid food?

My mom ym’d Badet that we can now start giving Vierte solid food at 3 months (mashed potatoes, cereals, or fruits), and that she gave us during this stage as well. Whenever we’re eating he give’s this look saying “How come you are not giving me some of what you are eating?” … nakakaaawa minsanHis lola bing gave him his first taste of ice cream at 1 month without my knowledge I only knew about it when my cousin Dougs called out my name reporting the incident from our room. He loved it! Every now and then he get to taste some fruit and vegies from her lola.I’d like to start feeding him with mash vegetables or fruits.

tummy roll

vierte now manages to roll to his side then to his tummy but with a little help kasi naiipit yung arms nya, after the help he gives us this big adorable smile. this video was taken by her tita Badet and Yaya Michelle

our Vierte is 3 month old today

little man,at this stage you are becoming more aware of those around you and recognize us as well. for the two weeks that mommy has been back to work there where 3 incidents that you woudn’t want me to let go of you. when I pass you on to your Tita Badette or Yaya Michelle you scream and cry. you’re also becoming more talkative and would sometimes reply (“wooo” “aaaa”) when a question is being asked. one day I got a call from your Tita since you wouldn’t stop crying, even your favorite rattle didn’t calm you down, but when you heard my voice you stopped crying, that incident made me want to just leave the office and cuddle you.we noticed you staring at your hands and doing the “close-open” gesture which surely made your Lola Bing happy as she is claiming as the one who taught you. you have also taken comfort in sucking your fingers which mostly happens when you’re hungry or is about to sleep longer at night now.when lying flat …

Poopy Problem

Vierte poops on a regular basis for the first 2 months but as he entered his 3rd month he poops after 4 to 5 days. According to the pedia one reason for this is that he’s water intake is less, she even suggested that if he refuses to drink water we can put a little maple syrup in it.And so we did but still it didnt make him poop.First he pooped after 3 days then 4 then 5. I read on justmommies that its normal for breastfed babies to have fewer bowel movements.Vierte pooped today after 5 days of none. He woke up at 430am grumpy, so i had him sit at my tummy and viola he did one! poop time!

Birth Story

12:00am of October 17 I started to feel contractions which was 2hrs apart, during this time I kept bugging Coy about the pain and he kept me calm by reminding me about the lessons I’ve learned on my Childbirth class. Worried about not being able to eat atleast 2hrs before the operation I prepared myself an oatmeal, while waiting for it to get cooked I was browsing thru my childbirth handouts. *Ting* microwave signalled for my oatmeal to be cooked, as I stood up a gush of water came out of me, immediately I sent Coy an SMS “my water bag broke”, my cousin who was my aneasthesiologist and my OB was informed about the situation as well. I knocked on my aunts’ room and calmly told her that my water bag broke and I’m taking a shower. Coy was mad that I decided to take a shower instead of heading straight to the hospital. Anyway despite his protest I took a quick shower since I know that it’ll be days before I can take …