Month: May 2008

look daddy I can sit without help from mommy

flat to his tummy he can now manage to sit down, grabe likot! yung side where the video ended eh dyan na sya munti mahulog!

Lucky 7

Vierte turned 7 months today!happy 7 months Vierte….happy 7 months….happy 7 months….happy 7 months Vierte! 7 things about our little man1) he smile’s alot now! before kasi pag nakita nya yung camera or cellphone poker face na agad ngayon when we say “Vierte smile” smile agad1 2) from nakadapa kaya nya na mag sit down! just this morning I saw him do it!3) he prefers his food in cubes rather than mashed, gusto nya may nakakagat sya. I’m thankful na hindi naman mahirap pakainin favorite nya Kalabasa, Sayote, Watermelon, and Kamote!4) he cries pag may sumisigaw or malakas ang boses, tahimik kasi dito sa bahay5) he sleeps on his tummy kahit anong gawing ikot to his back balik roll to his tummy sya6) he listens when we read stories or show him abc flashcards7) pag mainit ulo nya we just play peek-a-boo wala na agad ang topak!

muntik na!

lying on our bed while Vierte takes his morning “nanan” I fell asleep after a while I noticed that he was still awake and was playing with his handsthen…I woke and Vierte was not beside me! At the foot of the bed their I found him, his head lying on her Tita’s laptop bag his hands grabbing the handle while half his body was in bed, susme! I immediately grab him then he started to cry and laugh afterwards.Thanks to his angels nothing bad happened.