Month: March 2015

Leaf Printing

We spent the evening at the park after dinner. Daddy and Kuya played basketball while we took a stroll. LittleMiss noticed the fallen leaves and flowers on the grass and asked if we can take them home. “Ahhh, it’s so cute Mama.” She was stroking the leaves and took notice of it’s bones (I don’t know the proper name), and that there was something different from each leaf. One of them was small and yellow while the other one was big and green. We slept with her nature stash from the park that night, I managed to save two leaves and turn them to art.

Road to Fujairah

Last weekend, we packed our bags for a short trip to explore Fujairah, one of the seven Emirate of the UAE. The UAE is composed of seven Emirates namely (as dictated by Kuya): Abu Dhabi, Dubai, Sharjah, Ajman, Umm Al Quawain, Ras Al Khaimah, and Fujairah. We first visited the Emirate last 2009 along with our friends, Dad recalled that it took us almost 3 hours of drive. He decided to take the day off and wanted to leave as soon as Kuya get’s back from school. I told him of the new road and when we searched for our destination – Novotel Fujairah , google maps estimated our time travel to be 1 hr and 40 mins from Al Qusais. The Sheikh Khalifa Highway which was opened last 2011, took almost 4 years to complete. A relief to those who travel daily from Dubai to Fujairah. Here’s a few photos I took on our way. I was seated on the front and Daddy C was driving. Mountains, we can see them in the horizon along Sharjah-Kalba road.   …

Cartoon work by Orsi Joni

Orsi Joni at DubFest 2015

Chloe and I were admiring an artist doing her magic using charcoal, when she blurted out “I want me draw too, Ma” so I asked her if she can sit down still so the lady can draw us, “Yes, Mommy.” We met the artist, Orsi Joni from Budapest. It was her first Art Festival outside Europe and first time in Dubai.

Pretend Play with Peppa Pig House

Oink… oink… One day, LittleMiss woke up and declared she love’s Peppa Pig. We have not found one item in the store here, it is expected since we are in a Muslim country. Daddy C went on a business trip to London and only found a Peppa Pig plush toy at the airport before he boarded the plane and it was the last piece. He found this construction playhouse set (similar to Lego) at Toys R Us near his hotel at Houston, without hesitation he bought and had to hand carry back home for the LittleMiss.

Aling Foping’s Halo-Halo

Halo-halo is the Philippine’s ultimate summer dessert.  It’s the perfect treat as soon as the weather heat’s up. I remember consuming at least 2-4 glasses of Razon’s halo-halo weekly when I was pregnant with Kuya V. Aling Foping’s is a well-known outdoor eatery in Davao located at Matina Town Square (MTS), famous for it’s halo-halo, bibingka and chili con carne. It still remains to be one of our pit stop when we’re visiting Mama in Davao, it’s her favorite place to get this cold treat.

Emirates LitFest: Warhorse and Exploding Adventures

For the first time we attended some sessions featured at Emirates Airline Festival of Literature, there was a lot to choose from but decided on two session that interested our Kuya V. 1st Session: The War Horse Puppets in Action Daddy and Kuya attended the session together. Both boys were so amazed on how the puppets were made, it takes them 1 year to complete 1 horse. It takes 3 men to carry one horse puppet and they have to study every move a real horse make – how the ears moves, the tail and even the sound it makes. Kuya noticed that he was the only young kid in the audience. His next wish is to watch the War Horse play.