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iFly Dubai Mirdiff City Centre

Kuya V’s 8th Birthday iFly Dubai Challenge

Every time we pass by iFly Dubai located at Mirdiff City Centre, we would always spend a few minutes staring at people brave enough to fly and do tricks.  The boys would always tease each other on who would be brave enough to do it. While standing in amazement by the tricks done 7 years old Kuya V  blurted out “Ok! I’m doing it. When I turn 8 years old, I challenge myself to do iFly.” He is terrified with heights so this is a big deal for him. He finally did it on the eve of his 8th birthday with a request that Daddy do the challenge with him. So proud of your Kuya V!

Birthday Carousel Ride

LittleMiss turns 3 

Dear LittleMiss, We are once again traveling on your birthday, this may be a sign that one of your life goal is to explore places. On your first birthday we traveled from HK to MNL via Cathay Pacific and now on your 3rd birthday we are on our way to LAX via KLM and plane will leave on your exact birth time 12:48 am. Ever since we entered the month of June we’ve had mini celebrations. In some days you wake up and grab one of our baking books and ask me to bake a cupcake, you’ve always chosen the one’s that has pink icing. Last June 16 we had an advance celebration with your bestfriend Little Dude and Kuya at Adventure Land. We ate pizza and had cheesecake for your birthday celebration. You declared it to be the best birthday ever.   Mama noticed looking back at your previous birthdays that I haven’t really baked you a proper cake. We baked a Vanilla cake with you as my little helper. You measured and mix …

Just before you turn two

My sweet Chloe Isabelle, In a few weeks you will turn 2 and I haven’t even shared how we celebrated your first birthday. You blew your 1st birthday candle in three different cities – Hong Kong, Manila and Davao. We bought a Mango Creme Cake at Maxims Bakery in Hong Kong. It was our last day in Hong Kong when you turned a 1 year old.

Last dance with Sheya

I just learned that 7th birthday are suppose to be celebrated in a grand way. I don’t remember having a fancy celebration when I turned 7.   Vierte with birthday girl Sheya Our family friend, the Mendoza’s celebrated the 7th birthday of their youngest at Novotel Hotel. Pretty Sheya had 2 birthday gowns for the event. Kids presented a Move’s like Jagger Dance and V had a special last dance with Sheya.   V was Sheya’s last dance.  He’s such a young man now worrying about clothes to wear and what shoe’s goes well with it and his hair has to be spiky. He’s got 5 girlfriends and one special girl to whom he likes to hold hands with.  You will always be Mum’s 1st baby boy!    

10 days till he turns 5

Mom I will be 5 soon right? When I’m 5 Kuya will be a big boy already! October is a special month for us. I gave birth to a special surprise from up above. C and I welcomed a baby boy and we named him Markus Ezekiel. Last week, while I was busy attending to Chloe’s needs Vierte approached me and said “When I was a little baby you also take care of me all the time, right Mama?” I sensed that he badly need to have some mommy time so the moment Chloe took her nap I showed him my old blog posts when he was still a baby. “Ohh mama you love me so much when I was a baby right? and now I’m big boy you still love me right?”  “Yes I do! Remember that you will always be Mommy’s first baby and will always be my baby even when you have a girlfriend.” “Mom! I don’t have a girlfriend. I will say I love you to you always Mama”   We …

a happy basketball day to my bana – C

C turned 33 last September 8 and we didn’t get to celebrate 😦 but I made him a basketball themed cupcake and cake that we shared among friends. His office big boss was in Dubai on his birthday week, he went home late to attend meetings and entertain guests who flew from Thailand and London. He instead had birthday dinner with them, to which V complained “Why no daddy? It’s night time and happy birthday today.” He’s not into big celebration for his birthday, and was even not too keen to bring the basketball themed cupcakes (above) in the office. “Ma why did you have to make yourself too busy forming fondant (he hates fondant) when all I wanted was plain chocolate cupcakes with chocolate icing.” When he saw my sad face, “Love, I just don’t want you to get tired. Thank you for the cupcakes.” Yes, he’s appreciative and sweet that way.  I also want to make the cupcakes pretty! Would it not be more odd if I designed a 33 y.o grown man’s …