Month: April 2011

Egg Morning

I love mornings. I have my quiet time while preparing breakfast @ 5:30am. Enjoying the early morning music of boiling water for my coffee.  Fresh brewed coffee makes me start my day with a smile on my face. C and I get to enjoy quality time eating breakfast. Talking about what his day will be and me asking and planning dinner with him. It’s just breakfast and we’re talking about what to eat for dinner. Today’s breakfast I prepared Garlic Fried Rice, Sunny-side-up Egg, and Ham. All fried in my trusty wok.  Filipinos love a heavy breakfast and would almost always require an egg. We have a lot of “*silog” breakfast menu: TapSilog – beef tapa, LongSilog – longganisa (sweet pork sausage) , BangSilog (daing na bangus), HamSilog (ham). *”Silog” stands for Sinangag na Kanin (Fried Rice) and Itlog (Egg). If you have notice we use the first 3 letters of the main meat that goes along rice and egg. How do you crack your eggs? I used to crack my egg on the side of a bowl or …

Farmers Market and Cucumber Salad

First of all I’d like to say a big Thank You to Rajani of EatWriteThink for my new kitchen toy a Braun MultiQuick Cordless. If you want a chance to win one go visit MyCustardPie she’ll pick a winner on April 26. Rajani was also the one who invited me to be part of Famished Arabia, a group of food bloggers here in GCC. Such an angel! You can find links of fellow famished bloggers on my links. I attended my first activity last Friday a Group Photo share and learn session at Bakers and Spice which also was a host to a weekly Farmers Market which sells organic produce.  When I told C about the session he was happy for me and I was too. Being a stay at home sometimes give me an overwhelming feeling of being stuck to just cleaning and cooking which leads to bad days that makes my hormones and emotions go wild. That’s why we are both happy that I have this new thing to keep my mind busy beside household …


Kutsinta is one famous kakanin (local dessert) in the Philippines. My Mama would always bring home different kinds of kakanin for us after visiting the palengke (fish market) every Sunday. The result of my first kutsinta was not perfect, it tastes good but it was a bit hard. Texture should be soft and firm. Friends who got to taste my first batch suggested to cook it at a lesser time (first batch was steamed for almost an hour). My mom’s bestfriend uses the plastic mold in making Kutsinta but Mama refused to let me use those and instead sent me muffin like tin cans similar to what she was using. Btw, see that stain on the second photo of my steamer made me sad because I just spent 1 hour scrubbing the whole oven. Above photo is my attempt to be creative. I even used C’s D80 to learn basic photography for an upcoming class. I spent more than hour editing photos in picnik a much more simply program compared to photoshop. Finished cooking the whole batch  for 1 hour …

SuperBook – A Giant Adventure

I grew up watching SuperBook and The Flying House with my siblings and we enjoyed it a lot. Last night after watching our movie, V requested that we watch his movie so we decided to watch SuperBook – A Giant Adventure (C copied it from his officemate). It was a familiar story to V since its one of his favorite story from “Bedtime Book of Bible Stories.” Whenever we read a story to him we try to use different voices for the characters. I think the story became his favorite because of the giants voice his daddy use. Thank you to CBN for bringing back the series. Visit the official website of Superbook for more details and play some games with your little one too. 

It’s my birthday today! Dino Cupcake

There’s a cake on the table and V declares “It’s my birthday today!” My demanding little customer with Debbie Brown’s “50 Easy Party Cakes” sat on the carpet flipping pages deciding on the cake design he want. V: I know! I want a dinosaur cake. Can we make it now? I will help. M: I will try my best to make you one. V: You can do it Mama. Meet V’s dino cupcake 🙂 I’m using a new fondant recipe suggested by my friend Sandy. I just have a little problem with the fondant it easily breaks when shaped or rolled and it’s way too oily compared to the usual MMF. I’m asking help online hopefully I get advise on how to fix the problem. *** and btw we are not celebrating any birthday we just happen to have a cake coz it’s the time of the month that my hormones go crazy!