Month: May 2013

Chloe Isabelle – 11 months

Entering her 11 month a tooth has popped out, and this week just before we say goodbye to May a new one is coming out. She’s no longer happy just sitting in one place, you will find her strolling around the house. We didn’t buy her a walker and she still managed to find a way to walk 🙂 with the help of chairs and tables. She’s still very much happy drinking from my breast milk station and I don’t have any plans to stop. At 11 months she’s still a happy EBF babe. Hello pearly whites! A month before we celebrate her birthday we welcome 2 pearly whites.

Social House

After passing by the restaurant several times in each of our Dubai Mall visit we have finally dined at Social House. For appetizer we had the restaurant’s best seller-Dragon Roll (dhs 55) I was craving for some noodle dish and ordered Chicken Ramen (dhs 58) Daddy C ordered Seabass Fettuccine (dhs 59) Kuya V and LittleMiss didn’t get to try the kids menu since both were sleeping. Daddy C and I enjoyed a quiet dinner while the kiddo’s are eating and we surely did enjoy every bite. Total bill: dhs 198 (includes 1 bottled water)

Fun Flight: Mess Free Food

In exactly one month we are off to our summer vacation, ohh the thought of spending time with our family back home is relaxing. Before that I have to pack for a family of four; clothes, some toys, pasalubongs, and of course food. I am looking for a mess free food I can pack for the kids (5 yo V and 11 mos LittleMiss). V is not happy with airline food and almost always end up eating cookies I’ve packed for him. LittleMiss on the other hand have me as her milk supply but she still needs to eat something else. This time though I want to pack something healthy for them. Here are some mess free food both V and LittleMiss enjoy eating   Aside from this dry food, I want to bring some baby food for LittleMiss but then will the airline allow me to bring one? On one of our grocery trip to Spinneys I noticed this baby food packaged in a tetra squeeze pack, now that is mess free! I bought Organic …

Moving Up

    This year my first born V will move up to big school (Year 1) and will step into a new milestone in his life. He is not only saying bye to his kindergarten life but will also say bye-bye to his school and classmates. We initially didn’t plan to move him to a different school since we know that he is happy and has bonded with a set of friends. Daddy C and I wanted to gauge how he would handle taking an entrance exam and also see if he would pass or not. When I got the call that V was qualified to take the entrance exam it felt like I was the one who needs to prepare for it. I told V that we are going to the new school and a teacher will ask him to answer some worksheets just like what we did at home.  Then I saw the topics covered on the entrance exam half of the topic was still not discussed on V’s school and when I …

Thank you MomSouq

Surprise surprise! I won a Samsung Tablet from and Ashraf Electronics.   Daddy C is now a proud owner of the tablet 🙂 it’s my anniversary gift for him (if I didn’t win he’ll get an equally cool gift from us – hugs and kisses). is an online bazaar and community for parents in the UAE to share pre-loved baby products, get parenting tips & advice, promote their business or blog and score bargain deals on baby items.  

Preparing for our flight

We are counting 43 days till our annual vacation back home, I am excited and a little stress out thinking about it. This is the first time I’m travelling with 2 kids- Kuya V 5 years old and LittleMiss C 11 months. I’m reading on tips on how to keep them busy and make our flight fun. I do want to avoid the stares of fellow passengers when the LittleMiss starts to cry; those look of “What kind of Mom are you?”  and “Can you not do something to make your baby happy?” Kuya V was 1 yr and 3 months when we travelled from PH to DXB, but he was a happy baby who only wants to sleep, cuddle and breast feed, well he did cry 10 minutes before landing. I’m not worried much on how to entertain V, he’s happy with his Ipad games and movies. LittleMiss C on the other hand doesn’t like to stay in one place, the longest time she stayed happy inside the playpen was 30 minutes.  I am …