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spanish bread recipe

Spanish Bread Recipe

The smell of freshly baked bread greeting me as I step out of our room and on the dining table a brown paper bag filled with soft bread filled with sweet buttery filling and my aunt Mama Alma pouring ice cold coke on a glass with a smile “Meryenda na ‘nak! Nagpapalit si Daddy ug tinapay.” Right there at that moment I was a small kid again forgetting for a minute that a newborn baby was peacefully sleeping in the bedroom. Spanish Bread is a childhood favorite which was always available at the neighborhood bakery. It tops my list next to ‘double body’ and ‘pande coco’. I’m so happy that the first batch I baked hit the spot! As soon as I took a bite, memories of me as kid enjoying afternoon snack with my Lola Mommy, Mama, friends and siblings embraced me.

mama sitas barbecue chicken

Recipe: Pan Grilled Chicken

One concern I had before moving to Dubai was availability of ingredients and products I was used to using specially when it comes to cooking. I packed a good stash of ready made sauce mix to make caldereta and sinigang. Why? I was not a confident cook because while I helped in the kitchen someone always did the cooking for me. The good news is Filipino products is widely available in small and major groceries here – your favorite Pinoy corned beef, canned tuna, suka, toyo and Mama Sita’s oyster sauce are sold here. Now lets get on to this super easy Pan Grilled Chicken recipe. Made easy with the use of store bought Mama Sita’s barbecue marinade. YES, I admit and take no shame of me using ready made food flavorings specially when I just spent the rest of my free time watching Elementary. How easy is this you ask? Wash and pat dry chicken thighs (I prefer dark meat), place on a container with lid, pour enough Mama Sita’s barbecue marinate to cover chicken, keep in your …

Chicken Quinoa Arroz Caldo Recipe

Chicken Arroz Caldo with Quinoa

  We’ve been hit by a nasty flu this past week, thankfully all of us are now feeling great. Arroz Caldo is a simple dish that is hearty and comforting. This dish is made during the cooler months or when someone is sick. It is usually made with a mix of glutinous and regular rice, chicken, garlic and lots of ginger. I’ve made a healthier version by adding white quinoa to rice. It’s a great way to introduce quinoa to your family, the chicken broth and ginger slightly masked the nutty flavor of quinoa.

Max's Restaurant Dessert Platter

Coming home with Max’ Restaurant

Living abroad or traveling overseas make’s one crave for something familiar. It could be as simple as vanilla ice cream that brings back memories of summer spent biking with friends. Dining at Max’s Restaurant satisfies every Overseas Filipino Worker’s need to have something from home. Several Filipino restaurants have opened here in Dubai, but this franchise has a special place in the hearts of Pinoy. Why? Probably, 5 out of 10 Filipino family have once in their life celebrated a special occassion with Max’s restaurant. Our family for one has held a baptism, birthday, wedding and reunion with them.

Bulalo Soup Recipe

Bulalo Soup

We have a bad case of sniffles this week, it all started when Daddy C was away on a business trip. I should really start taking driving lessons soon, we had to wait 30 minutes for a cab to pass by outside the hospital. Hungry sick kids and no cab just spelled tantrums. Bulalo soup is a bone broth stock that is very simple to make and just require patience if you want to do it the traditional way. The key to a tasty broth is simmering beef bones for hours. Dubai’s cold weather is just the perfect time to enjoy a warm soup. We had this for lunch paired with tuyo and cooked jasmine rice.

Simbang Gabi and How to make Bibingka

We have spent 5 Christmases as an expat family here in Dubai. It is during this season that we get homesick with all the festivities happening in the city and back home. The last time my mom, siblings and I celebrated Christmas together was 2006. Today, December 16 marks the first day of Simbang Gabi (Misa de Gallo)  which marks the official countdown for the grand Christmas feast. Although simbang gabi literally means night mass, Filipino Catholics wake up early morning (5 am) for nine consecutive days to join the celebration of dawn mass. It is also believed that when you complete nine dawn mass, your wish will come true.

Bangus Sisig Recipe

Bangus Sisig

This month’s Kulinarya theme “Sisig” is hosted by Jenn of Storm In My Kitchen and Iska of Sisig is one famous Filipino appetizer which is enjoyed with either an ice cold beer or coke. After a days work my friends and I would share a plate of sizzling sisig and laugh out our daily stress in life. I can’t remember the last time I made sisig, but whenever I do I always use pork ears & liempo. For this month’s challenge I’m making a healthier version using fish – bangus (milkfish). I  prepared 2 kinds of sisig (pork ears & fish) for dinner but the boys preferred the fish version.   You need to cut your bangus butterfly style, season with salt and pepper and fry it to crisp. Remove bones from fish and shred/mince/chop meat. Once that’s complete let’s get on to making Sisig.   Bangus Sisig 1 large Bangus, fried and minced 1 medium Onion, minced 2 tbsp Soy Sauce 4 cloves Garlic, minced 1/3 cup each of Red & Green Bell Pepper (Capiscum), diced …

Paksiw na Isda

Last week I received the award for drama queen, was feeling really sad, alone, tired, and didn’t want to talk to anyone. My poor husband was left guessing what was wrong, he would find me crying along with our baby. Really missed my siblings, mom, and friends back home. I miss being in the office and earning but my heart breaks at the thought of leaving my kids with a nanny while I go back to work. V saw me crying myself to sleep and my husband suggested that he accompany V till the bus came so I can get more sleep. They both kiss us bye and V whispered “Don’t be sad na Mama. Let’s eat fish later okay.” He greeted me at the bus stop with a kiss “I’m home mama. You’re happy now?”  We talked about school and what kept me busy that morning. V showered me with hugs & kisses. Re-assured me that everything will be ok. We shared our favorite fish dish – Paksiw na Isda. Eating using our hands we …