Month: October 2014

Bento Week: September 28 – October 2

I have a lot of ideas for my school boy’s bento, only to find out that he prefers to eat the usual snack. To prevent from having last minute requests to change what I’ve prepared, he get’s to taste new snack options after school. That way I don’t have to guess whether he’ll like the food or not.   Sunday: Apple slices, Nutella sandwich, Chicken nuggets, and Yakult

Peppa Pig Cake and Cookies

Sheila of AB & Me asked if I could help her make cookies and fondant cake for her Little B’s 3rd birthday.  She has been doing DIY birthday party for Little B since she turned 1 year old. Amazing Mama! The last big fondant cake I made was my friend’s wedding cake, before I gave birth to LittleMiss C. We worked on the cake & cookies for 1 week.