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Food we ate along Nathan Road

One will never go hungry along Nathan Road, Hong Kong. Sharing with you some snaps of food we enjoyed during our 5 days stay. Gong Cha – We ordered Taro and Black Tea. C and I thinks that it needs a little more flavor and sweetness, but it might be just us asking the wrong mix? They speak very little English we had to give our order fast (long queue behind us).  Almost everyone walking with us had this particular bubble tea in hand. Food Corner – Located just a block away from our hotel this food stall was a busy one, they had siomai, fish balls, beef tripe, pork innards, octopus meat and a whole lot more.    V’s favorite food place along Nathan Road.  We had a long walk to reach Nathan Congee & Noddle place for breakfast.   I ordered Congee with Pork Liver  a complimentary sweet bread in every table  Hubby C ordered Beef Noodles Food on Stick – We passed by this place and it had a long queue which tempted us …

Breastfeeding Q&A Meet-Up

Calling all Expectant Mums & Breastfeeding Families BreastFeeding Q&A UAE Group will hold the next meet-up this February 9 (1:00 pm – 3:00pm) at Inspire All Childrens Nursery. A great opportunity for parents to discuss advantages & difficulties on breastfeeding, weaning and to just have fun  with other families. More details on the event here.

Starting a Christmas tradition – Advent Calendar

Growing up my family’s Christmas countdown starts on the first Simbang Gabi. Santa Claus was not a biggie for us we had our very own gift giver which was our parents, godParents, Aunts and Uncles. The highlight for us would be the Noche Buena , opening of gifts when the clock strikes 12 midnight and finally getting our Christmas money from our GrandParents.   Having a family of my own, I want to have a tradition for Christmas specially for the kids. Something that they will remember when they have kids of their own.   My eldest V believes in Santa Claus, we didn’t really introduce him I guess he got it from his friends in school. When we put the Christmas tree up he has been bugging us when will Santa Claus visit.   This year I showed Daddy C several ideas for Christmas and we both love the idea of having an Advent Calendar. Of course C let me decide what kind of calendar we’ll use as well as crafting them. I managed to create a stocking …

No school just yet

No yet! V was snoozing by 8pm for his first school day. Me despite of the lack of sleep was up at 5:30am to prepare his snack. By 7am all five us (including Chloe) all ready to bring V to school. We arrived and there was no students on the KG building so we thought we were too early but it was already 7:20am then the one of the teachers approached us “Is he in KG? They start on Tuesday.”   We left Vs school laughing.   We have to do this all over again on Tuesday.