Year: 2009

Searching for a Nursery

Finding a good and not so expensive Nursery here in Dubai is Dad and I a headache! Last night we bump into a school with an annual fee of 50,000dhs for a nursery.  The reason why I want Vierte to attend a 2 – 3 day nursery class so that he get’s to interact with other kids his age and learn to be independent. He get’s cranky when he doesn’t see me or daddy around.  I have been searching the web, reading parents feedback and have made a list of schools to visit this weekend.  Hopefully we can find one that would be fun for the little man. 

Vierte turns Two

We had a week long celebration for Vierte’s 2nd birthday.  Oct 15 @ Dubai Mall to watch Dubai Water Fountain show. Oct 16 @ Daddy’s basketball game.  I baked chocolate cupcakes and double chocolate cake for the kids (and adults to enjoy).       Vierte with his CB&I friends and his birthday cake and cupcake Oct 17 @ Mamzar Park Swimming Pool area On the eve of his bday Dad and I prepared balloons and gifts and arranged it at the sala floor as a surprise when he wakes up. Then we headed to Mamzar park with Daddy’s friends.    “wow mama many balloons”


Our cranky little man is dozing off after taking his medications. This is the second time that Vierte has been sick here in Dubai and I miss having my sister around during this time. Bernadette just manages to get Vierte drink his meds without the drama.Last night we waited for 2 hours at Prime Medical for the Dr. Joshi to check on him. Kids before us was also sick, the parents is blaming the weather. Really hot outside and AC is turned on at home whole day. Teeth are pooping out of his gums as well and the pain would wake him up. He would grab my hand and put it in his mouth requesting for a gum massage. Praying he’ll be feeling better soon. Dad will be on business trip next week.

Baby sing

Vierte likes to watch movies or cartoons that’s musical and would often sing along with the artists. Last week we attended a Baptismal party at Abu Dhabi and he was not shy to sing infront of all the other guests. He climb up the stage in the area where the baby’s photos where shown and declared “Baby sing, Mama” and so he did. Unfortunately we didn’t manage to capture the moment. We took a couple video of him singing but this one is the best. Here he agree’s to sing when we told him to sing for Lola (my Auntie Bing).

a e i o u….

Vierte will turn 21 months in 3 days. A whole lot has changed since we moved here (it has been 6 months) for all of us. His vocabulary has improved from the usual “Mama nanan” (asking for breastmilk) to the following: “Wow! Cake cook mama” – when he see’s the oven light turned on Holding his cup up to me saying “Put cookie please” fingers inside the cup. After eating his dinner he would hold his Dad’s hand and pull him out of his seat to declare playtime, “Play ball na Daddy” “Sowee” when he gets hurt while playing with his car he would say “Sowee car car” or spill water “Sowee ater” and the most used word is “NO” he sometimes use this word even if he means yes, he can’t say the word yet. His my little helper. When he see’s the mop or the vaccum or gets to grab a paper towel he would say “baby clean”. I do hope this would continue till he gets older. One special day he called …

Lolo Dad’s Visit

Two weeks after we arrived here in Dubai Lolo Bernard visited us from Kansas for a week. We visited Dubai’s must see places via the Big Bus City tour, Desert Safari and with our resident tour guide Tito Edward. Big Bus Tour:The weather was cold and nice but a bit foggy. Among the places we saw my favorite was the Atlantis, and the Dubai museum where we got to take a glimpse of the city’s history. We ended the tour with Dhow Cruise along Dubai Creek. Atlantis: Our second visit to Atlantis was a treat! We’ll have lunch at Kaleidoscope where Tito Mon works. This time we had a leisure time at the famous hotel, Tito Edward was our official tour guide for the day. This time we also got to see the aquarium which we missed on our big bus tour. Desert Safari: Safari is a must when you visit Dubai. Daddy and Lolo got dizzy during the ride to the camp where we’ll have a barbq dinner and watch belly dancing. I was …