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adventureland sahara centre party

LittleMiss Chloe’s 4th Birthday

*Late post. Just before we left for our 2 months long vacation, we got to celebrate LittleMiss C’s birthday on the day she was born, June 25. Cake As with every birthday in our family, I baked and designed Chloe’s 4th birthday cake, cookies and cake pops in my tiny kitchen. She chose the cake theme and gave me instructions that it should be just pink with a silver tiara. This year, Sheila and Jill helped me finish designing all sugar cookies and party setup.   Venue We looked at several venues and chose to celebrate her birthday at AdventureLand, Sahara Centre. It is close to where we live and we won’t have a hard time traveling back home. We really liked Adventureland’s party hall, located on the 2nd floor just above the bumper car rides. Children’s table is inside the main party hall where the stage is, while long tables for adults were arranged outside the main hall. I think it will comfortably accommodate 50 guests. Party Games Some familiar and new games that kept everyone smiling. …

LittleMiss C’s first day in Kindergarten 2

It is officially back to school for us. Today, LittleMiss C begins this academic year in Kindergarten 2. How I beg her teacher to let her stay in KG-1, I just think she still so young (turned 4 years old last June) to move up the next level. Teacher assured me that with a little bit more work at home she will manage just fine. We started off the day great. I woke-up before the alarm. Lunchbox prepared the night before. Summer homework pack in her school bag. She was beyond excited on our way to school. We reached school and met her teachers who coincidentally was also Kuya V’s adviser when he was in KG 2. He became very excited for her “You will have fun. They were my teachers before too.” Tears… No idea what made her upset. She even greeted teachers when they met her. I spent 30 minutes consoling her and finally decided to just leave her in tears beside Teacher Belle. I was heartbroken. I wanted to just carry her …

Birthday cupcake at Ariels Grotro Disneyland

Birthday Lunch at Ariel’s Grotto

One of the highlight’s of our Disneyland trip was LittleMiss C’s birthday lunch at Ariel’s Cove. The trip’s main goal was to fulfill our birthday girl’s wish to meet all the Disney Princess and have them sign her book. You enter the main door and then descend at a spiral staircase into the grotto restaurant. Before you get seated, your party will have a chance to meet Princess Ariel and have a photo taken with her. The restaurant is beautiful adorned with jellyfish like chandeliers and ocean mural walls. Windows face the water area of the park which provides a natural light that is great for taking photos.   As soon as we got seated, bread and vegetable sticks with dips arrived shortly. LittleOnes got themselves busy with coloring books, paper crowns and spending quality time with their Ninang Athens who flew from NY to LA to spend time with us. Guest’s can choose from 6 mains from their lunch special, each dish is served with either a salad or soup and dessert. (L-R): Grilled Lobster Tail Salad, Red …

JRG Dubai Junior Food Critic

Junior Food Critic for Jumeirah Restaurant Groups

The LittleOnes were invited to play the role of Junior Food Critic for 20 restaurants under the Jumeirah Restaurant Group (JRG).  Ben Tobitt, JRG Group Head Chef and Gabrielle Kurz, Executive Well Being Chef were given the task to come up with nutritious and yummy wholesome food that will appeal to little diners. Although the menu is still in the early stage of research and development, the JRG Chef’s wanted to get the feedback of the kids and parents to further improve the dishes prepared. To be a Junior Food Critic was a serious job, kids were given feedback forms to rate each dish they manage to try. Our picky eater Kuya V was happy to take on the challenge and was able to try almost all of the dishes prepared, he even ate a vegetable salad! Most of the dishes he tried was given the happy smile rank. Here are some of our favorites: Kuya V kept on going back to get more of the Dahi Papdi Chaat prepared by Naya restaurant. LittleMiss who did not get a good nap that day only got to …

Birthday Carousel Ride

LittleMiss turns 3 

Dear LittleMiss, We are once again traveling on your birthday, this may be a sign that one of your life goal is to explore places. On your first birthday we traveled from HK to MNL via Cathay Pacific and now on your 3rd birthday we are on our way to LAX via KLM and plane will leave on your exact birth time 12:48 am. Ever since we entered the month of June we’ve had mini celebrations. In some days you wake up and grab one of our baking books and ask me to bake a cupcake, you’ve always chosen the one’s that has pink icing. Last June 16 we had an advance celebration with your bestfriend Little Dude and Kuya at Adventure Land. We ate pizza and had cheesecake for your birthday celebration. You declared it to be the best birthday ever.   Mama noticed looking back at your previous birthdays that I haven’t really baked you a proper cake. We baked a Vanilla cake with you as my little helper. You measured and mix …

Leaf Printing

We spent the evening at the park after dinner. Daddy and Kuya played basketball while we took a stroll. LittleMiss noticed the fallen leaves and flowers on the grass and asked if we can take them home. “Ahhh, it’s so cute Mama.” She was stroking the leaves and took notice of it’s bones (I don’t know the proper name), and that there was something different from each leaf. One of them was small and yellow while the other one was big and green. We slept with her nature stash from the park that night, I managed to save two leaves and turn them to art.

Pretend Play with Peppa Pig House

Oink… oink… One day, LittleMiss woke up and declared she love’s Peppa Pig. We have not found one item in the store here, it is expected since we are in a Muslim country. Daddy C went on a business trip to London and only found a Peppa Pig plush toy at the airport before he boarded the plane and it was the last piece. He found this construction playhouse set (similar to Lego) at Toys R Us near his hotel at Houston, without hesitation he bought and had to hand carry back home for the LittleMiss.