Month: January 2015

Bulalo Soup Recipe

Bulalo Soup

We have a bad case of sniffles this week, it all started when Daddy C was away on a business trip. I should really start taking driving lessons soon, we had to wait 30 minutes for a cab to pass by outside the hospital. Hungry sick kids and no cab just spelled tantrums. Bulalo soup is a bone broth stock that is very simple to make and just require patience if you want to do it the traditional way. The key to a tasty broth is simmering beef bones for hours. Dubai’s cold weather is just the perfect time to enjoy a warm soup. We had this for lunch paired with tuyo and cooked jasmine rice.

Paper Plate Hearts Craft

Easy Paper Plate Hearts

Too early for Valentines? Maybe. Too early to make something special? No. LittleMiss’: “Mama, where my boy’s?” She specifically calls her big brother “boy or boys.” As soon as she see’s Kuya V’s school bus she would declare “My boy’s is here! Hey, boys look my toy.” We made this paper plate  heart’s for our boy’s.