Month: September 2017

Free UAE School Calendar

FREE 2017 – 2018 UAE School Year Calendar

One of the things I like most during the season of back to school (new year) is the fresh start everyone get to have to organize stuff. I have been trolling Pinterest looking for ideas for a less stressful school year, I found tons! I chanced upon a school year wall calendar but it had marked Saturday and Sunday as weekends, which will not work for Middle East folks because our school/work day begins on Sunday and we have Friday and Saturday for weekend. Helen of ThMothershipDXB shared a wall calendar her family use which is very useful only if I had it printed last January! Took matters to my own hands and made myself (US!) a SY 2017-2018 Wall Calendar with Friday and Saturday greyed out. Paper size set is A3. Download 2017-2018 UAE School Year Calendar. I have checked all the weekend twice but in case you find a mistake, please let me know so I can edit and upload a new file. Hope this helps!