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Hi there!

Welcome to a place where I get to escape the busy life inside our home.

I’m Abigail, a stay at home mama (SAHM) to two munchkins Kuya V (born 2007) and LittleMiss C (born 2012), wife and friend to my Mr. C and most importantly a woman who needs a space to talk (write in this case) without interruption.We are currently residing in Dubai, United Arab Emirates – a Filipino expat family. Our expat life adventure began year 2009 when an opportunity came for our family to be together again (2007 – Mr. C left for overseas work at a site in Qatar then after a year  moved to Dubai), I didn’t think twice and resigned from my job of 8 years.



I started blogging way before wearing the SAHM hat, I met new friends and even got sponsors when I volunteered for World Youth Day 2005 held at Germany.

Mr. C was working overseas when I gave birth to V and blogging about his milestone helped ease the distance with his Dad and relatives residing far from us. Now that we are finally together but sadly far from our relatives, the blog (and overseas calls) has kept them updated on what’s happening with us.

It is in the kitchen where I am happiest doing chores (does not include washing dishes), I can spend time with the kids making smoothies, cooking and baking with them all day. Food is one way of introducing them our culture, I usually prepare Filipino food at home and tell them stories on who taught me how to cook the dish and memories from our childhood. Dubai has opened our food adventures to other cuisine and I am fortunate enough to be a member of Fooderati Arabia (UAE’s food group) which has introduced me to wonderful bloggers and mouthwatering recipes.

The name ‘Cuddles and Crumbs’ is a combination of the two main things I share on this blog: cuddles (family) and crumbs (food). The blog had a few name changes over the years – nappytales (2008) to mynappytales (2010) to cuddlesandcrumbs – I do think that now I have finally found the right name that truly reflects what I am passionate about.

Keep in touch!

CuddlesandCrumbs at gmail dot com


  1. Would be checking on the Filipino food here… love some of them – specially Biol express, Torta… All the best for the new baby:)

  2. Would be checking on the Filipino food here… love some of them – specially Biol express, Torta… All the best for the new baby:)

  3. Merlinda Little says

    Oh there you are! Nice to meet you! I would always go back and read your blog! Hope you can read mine too. Im here in the UK. Nice to meet you =)

    • Hi! Thanks for dropping by. I would love to get to know you more by reading your blog. What’s your blog address?

  4. Ema Jones says


    Hope you are doing well. I love your Recipe section esp. Seafood and Non-vegetarian recipes. I can completely understand the effort you take to write and that you want maximum people to read it so that your thoughts can be shared at the max and you can explore more and more.

    I want to include your recipe/recipes in my app called “ChefChili”.

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      • Ema Jones says

        Hey, how were the vacations? Hope you had splendid time..
        Yeah, waiting for recipes 🙂

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