Month: August 2013

V beat the claw game machine!

I won Mama! For the first time I won! Beaming with delight with a screaming LittleMiss beside him. After the claw game drama which broke Vs heart, I was hesitant to make him play again but he would insist every time we see one. I finally gave in when he insisted that he wants to do it for his LittleMiss. He maneuvered the claw from left to right and finally settled above the toy pressed the red button. Viola! Claw grabbed the toy and dropped it. V won!

Ginataang Munggo

I am talking to my sister via facebook, she’s in the office and even though storm Maring has left Philippines it still is raining back home. The recipe I am sharing today is perfect to give warmth to a rainy season. Ginataang Munggo is a mix of glutinous rice and green mung beans cooked with coconut milk and sweetened with either sugar or condensed milk similar to ginataang mais.   It’s 9 am and the kids are still sleeping. I am enjoying a little bit of “me quiet time” while reading the newest addition to our bookshelf – Momofuku Milk Bar. I am planning to prepare at least three recipe from the book every month. The husband has been giving me hints that he likes ginataang munggo, the dish was suppose to be a surprise for him to enjoy for afternoon snack but then the nearby grocery delivered the wrong item and didn’t bother to come back for my glutinous rice. My dear husband had to go down and buy me glutinous rice a key ingredient …

Car seat outbursts

This is not the usual cutie patootie posts about our LittleMiss. I don’t drive so I always sit at the back with the kids, C and I find the seating arrangement convenient so I can attend to whatever request V and LittleMiss needs (water, food, tissue, breastfeed – yes I’ve found a way to feed LittleMiss while both of us are buckled in the back). We bought V his car seat when he was around 3 years old and he never had a meltdown while seated. LittleMiss however started fighting getting strapped on to her car seat, carrier and stroller at 11 months. Most of the time I give in and end up letting her sit in my lap. Why? She starts crying, screaming and vomiting that we end up not having a fun family day. Once she ended having a mild fever from her car seat outburst from Al Qusais to Dubai Mall. Photos below taken while we were waiting for Dad C to come back. As soon as I put her down this happens. …

Food we ate along Nathan Road

One will never go hungry along Nathan Road, Hong Kong. Sharing with you some snaps of food we enjoyed during our 5 days stay. Gong Cha – We ordered Taro and Black Tea. C and I thinks that it needs a little more flavor and sweetness, but it might be just us asking the wrong mix? They speak very little English we had to give our order fast (long queue behind us).  Almost everyone walking with us had this particular bubble tea in hand. Food Corner – Located just a block away from our hotel this food stall was a busy one, they had siomai, fish balls, beef tripe, pork innards, octopus meat and a whole lot more.    V’s favorite food place along Nathan Road.  We had a long walk to reach Nathan Congee & Noddle place for breakfast.   I ordered Congee with Pork Liver  a complimentary sweet bread in every table  Hubby C ordered Beef Noodles Food on Stick – We passed by this place and it had a long queue which tempted us …

World Breastfeeding Week 2013

Happy Breastfeeding Week! All milking mama’s Breastfeeding week starts today till August 7. Here in Dubai though we celebrate it in November because the country observes Ramadan this month. LittleMiss turned 13 months and still breastfeeding. I weaned V from the breast weeks before he turned 2 years old, this time though I have no plans of weaning her by that age. I would like to thank my MIL for staying with us when I gave birth and for my husband C for the support and always cheering that we can do it. Thank you also to Breastfeeding Q&A UAE Group for the listening, advise and stories that accompanied me on the wee hours while I feed my baby. Read more abouth this years theme at World Breastfeeding Week Reach out and share your breastfeeding journey Mama’s!