Month: March 2014

Free Pizza for Mother’s Day

Pizza Express is giving all Mama’s accompanied by kids a free classic pizza to celebrate Mother’s Day (March 30). The special offer applies to all PizzaExpress restaurants* across the UAE, and includes their outlets at Ibn Battuta Mall, Al Safa Centre, Bin Sougat Centre, Dubai World Trade Centre and City Centre Fujairah. *Does not include Jazz@PizzaExpress

Boodle Fight at Blackbeard’s Seafood Island Grill

Few days before we left for Davao, Mama treated us to a boodle fight style of dining at Blackbeards Seafood Island located at Abreeza Mall. Boodle Fight is a military style of eating where long tables are prepared and food are on top of the banana leaves. Viands and rice ready to eat using your bare hands, jugs of water are prepared on the side to wash hands before the “eating combat”. With the signal to start the boodle fight, everyone aims for his/her position. – Urban Dictionary

HK Trip: Avenue of the Stars

Avenue of the stars, our last stop for our 1st day.   I didn’t particularly enjoy that night since it was raining, crowded street, and hungry grumpy babies with us. I took a deep breathe, paused for a while and started appreciating the beautiful Victoria Harbour. V didn’t understand the hullabaloo in taking photos with the street stars but he obliged as per our request. V with Tita Ninang Crist. We didn’t appreciate the light because it was raining. If we get the chance to go back, I would rather visit the place before sunset.

Shakshouka – Baker & Spice

We found ourselves enjoying the view of Burj Khalifa early Saturday morning after hearing mass, while waiting for Baker & Spice to serve breakfast at 8 am. Kids amused themselves by taking photos, going up and down the stairs and waving to Dubai fountain cleaner. I’ll have Shakshouka please as soon as the waiter handed us the menu, he cheerful replied “which one, madam?” I look down on the menu,  I indeed had 3 choices on how I want my shakshouka – red, green and matbukha. I ordered Capuccino and the boys shared a cup of thick Mexican Hot Chocolate – the best hot chocolate we’ve had here in Dubai. Shakshouka Matbukha – 4 eggs poached on a homemade tomato and red peppers sauce with garlic, chili and olive oil. Four sunshiny egg goodness served with freshly baked farmhouse bread = a good morning indeed! We all enjoyed every bit of sauce. V who swears he doesn’t like tomatoes and peppers (I didn’t tell him dish consists of the mentioned ingredients) exclaimed that it’s one of …

Vs First Play – Peter Pan the Never Ending Story

  V saw above poster while we were driving towards Dubai Marina and asked us if he can watch Peter Pan. After 3 months of waiting, he finally watched his first live play with Daddy. He called me after and simply said “It was awesome Mom! I’m sorry you & Chloe didn’t watch it with me” The morning after, I showed him a tweet from Wendy. Made him smile all day and kept repeating “Mama, she sent me a message. I can’t believe it!” My V, don’t grow up too fast.