Month: January 2011

School Hunt: Pristine Private School / Pristine Rainbow Nursery

April 28Super late update.C and I decided to not enroll V to nursery, but would make an extra effort at home to prepare him for KG1.We have also registered and enrolled him for KG1 as early as March. Yup that early because school seat here in Dubai get’s filled up fast. ***We visited both Pristine Private School and its Pristine Rainbow Nursery today. Vierte was in a good mood today and answered Ms. Honey’s questions (Name, age, dad and mom’s name). Ms. Honey suggested that we visit its affiliate nursery Pristine Rainbow Nursery and see if we’d like to enroll V for the last term (April-June) to prepare him for KG class as it would be a big help to prepare him for big school. We initially liked the idea of sending him to Nursery first to prepare him for big school (closing our eyes on the fees). The nursery is just 2 blocks away so if we do decide to enroll him for the last term we’d be walking to and from the nursery 🙂 …

School hunt

We are on a hunt for a good school here in Dubai preferably around Al Nahda 2 which is near our place. I have been reading about the difference between British Curriculum (BC) and American Curriculum (AC) and the corresponding qualifications namely IGCSE, AS, A level, NC, and GCSE. The most important for us is that Vierte will enjoy school hopefully more on a play skill base environment. Here are the list of schools we are considering as this is also close to our area. Pristine Private School The Oxford School Star International Al Twar Apple International The Sheffield Private Philadelphia Private