Month: November 2011

Pregnancy Scare

Entering our 6th week I experienced an on and off pain in my lower left pelvic. The sudden pain when I move would last about a minute then goes away. I’m naturally a worrier especially after giving birth to V and the worry-some me has doubled and emotions have heightened with this pregnancy. One afternoon the pain was back – a sudden stabbing pain and it lingered till late night. Immediately I sent a message to my OB and describe the pain. Her reply was “We should be worried. Please go to the City Hospital and have a scan. It could be an ectopic pregnancy” wikipedia – An ectopic pregnancy, or eccysis , is a complication of pregnancy in which the embryo implants outside the uterine cavity. If this is the case the only option was to terminate the pregnancy as it could also cause harm to the mother. I cried myself to sleep. C kept re-assuring me that everything will be alright. The next day we headed to my OB’s clinic to have a scan. I tried my best to not …

Kare-Kare Recipe


I had a chance to cook for my mother-in-law and when your husband speaks highly of his parent’s cooking it would be hard for a new member of the family to get that seal of yummy approval. There I was a new wife standing in our kitchen with a couple of printed recipe on how to prepare my MIL’s ultimate favorite food which is kare-kare. It doesn’t help that this is my first time to prepare the dish by myself.  I read through each recipe and took note of the procedure and ingredients that was familiar to me. My MIL’s eyes lit up when she saw that we had kare-kare for lunch and immediately asked who cooked the dish. My husband proudly replied “Si Gail. Sino pa ba.”  which I think has a hidden message that would translate to – Don’t worry Ma, I’ve found a wife who can cook good food for me. “hehehe” C’s parents enjoyed the lunch we prepared for them with much gusto and though I haven’t got a chance to prepare a …

Expecting a plus 1

It has been weeks that I’ve been craving for salty food. I’m such a lazy Mama this week. The only thing that I manage to do with a smile is to eat and sleep and eat and sleep. Then I had a feeling that something is just not quite normal. A good change.   A positive result – we are pregnant!  We are on the early stage of pregnancy, 5 weeks to be exact. I’d like to ask you to say a little prayer for our safety.