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FREE Back to School Distance Learning banner

So it begins! We have chosen ‘distance learning’ school mode for both our kids since this is the best setup for our family right now. The excitement this school year might is not the same as the previous ones; for the first time we did not bother much with school shopping besides the essentials. No need to buy uniforms, shoes and socks. Alarm not as early, this I am very pleased. Despite all the crazy happening around, we are all trying our best to make this 1st week of school a smooth one because when we just open our eyes we will see so many reasons to smile. With that… let me present my babies with the new school setup and a FREE back to school: distance learning banner for 2020 – 2021 school year. Fancy using our First Day #backtoschool banner? Click link below to download. FREE #BackToSchool Distance Learning Banner.

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Back to School: Get your lunch box kit ready!

We are about to bid farewell to unscheduled days of summer vacation. Hooray! Eldest son, Kuya V is off to Year 4 on the same school and is beyond excited to see his friends, talk about summer and how many Pokemon cards he collected and caught. As for LittleMiss C, she will be in KG2 this year, our baby at 4 years is still too young to be in KG 2! As with every new academic year, it is time to think about sleep routines, school uniforms, bags and lunch boxes. Here are my top five things to get your lunchbox kit ready for school. 1. Lunchbox and bottles: Do you need a new set of lunchbox kits? I always go for compartment style boxes for easy packing, we love our Planetbox and BentGo Kids. Check for leaks – fill bottles with water and lunchbox with yoghurt, give it a good shake and check for leaks. If they do have leaks I re-use them to store toys. Molds / Black spots – Make sure you check the interior of …

Getting ready for school with Centrepoint

This school year we have two students in our household which only means twice the chaos every morning. I am still having a hard time accepting the fact that our LittleMiss will no longer be my constant shadow. She still has 6 more days with me before nursery school starts and I have been giving in to most of her requests. LittleMiss is beyond excited for nursery school to start, she has been playing teacher and mommy to her toys. “Baby, you will go to play school and mommy will wait for you outside.” “Mama when I go to play school you be a big girl and not cry, ok?” To not cry. That I cannot promise. I was still holding back tears when Kuya V left for his first day of 3rd grade. The day came when it was time to go back to school shopping.

Back in Dubai. Back to School

It’s been 10 day’s since we got back from our vacation and I’ve been busy unpacking and keeping the house back on track. Everything seem so new yet familiar (if that makes any sense).  I hope to get back to blogging weekly and post a review on our new favorite product – Yonanas.  Vacation is certainly over as it’s back to school for Kuya V this week.  He requested for our homemade healthy chicken nuggets for his back to school lunch. I’ve made a few changes on the recipe (added broccoli) and hope to post recipe soon. For now you can get recipe here or you can pick-up the September issue of Good Housekeeping. So happy that our very own chicken nuggets was selected as one of the suggested packed lunches along with other easy yummy recipes.   

School Lunchbox Week 1

Yes, I know we are on the 3rd week of school but it’s never too late to share V’s school lunchbox. Parents were reminded during the school orientation to pack healthy lunch for kids to bring since unhealthy sweets can make young ones be hyper active. V’s school start very early, assembly time is at 7:20 am and 8th period ends at 1:40 pm. I initially thought that Grade 1 will have two breaks (1 for snack and 1 for lunch) but they only have one at 10:25 am till 11:00 am, when the teacher told us about this all the parents reacted with one question “Won’t the kids get hungry?” to which the teacher replied with “That’s why you should make sure they eat a healthy heavy breakfast.” My week 1 lunchbox ideas for V was to send him a filling snack/lunch to school and preferably something that is warm. During our vacation I bought a Sahara Tiger Thermal Lunchbox this keeps food warm for up to 8 hrs (C did prove this to …