Month: January 2017

Splashing Fun at LEGOLand Dubai Water Park

We found ourselves back at the grounds of Dubai Parks and Resorts after the opening of LEGOLAND Dubai to check out the newly opened LEGOLAND Water Park.   I don’t have lots of photos because Daddy C took charge in documenting our day at the water park. Without further chitchat here’s our Vlog.  

barbecue chicken bento lunch box

Bento Lunch Box Menu January 8-12

Rice is a big part of our meals and this week I packed mostly rice meals for Kuya V. Our recipe used for the week is pan grilled bbq chicken and banana oatmeal cupcake. Join our lunch box packing FB group via this link. The aim of #LetsMakeLunchFun community is to inspire and help families prepare and pack healthier meal. This is the last week for you to win a Yumbox Panino from us! Details over at our Instagram post, here. Sunday– January 8: pan grilled chicken, banana roll-ups, carrots and strawberry. Monday– January 9: beef tapa, boiled quail eggs, rice, carrots, kiwi and watermelon Tuesday – January 10: chicken popcorn, carrots, strawberry and blueberries. Wednesday – January 11: hotdog sushi rolls, fruits and banana oatmeal cupcake. Thursday – January 12: sausage tortilla, fruits, carrots and chocolate wafers You can follow us on Instagram, @cuddlesandcrumbs for more lunchbox ideas and feel free to use #LetsMakeLunchFun hashtag on all your packed meals.

Philippine Passport Renewal in Dubai for Kids

LittleMiss C’s passport expires this year and what I thought was a daunting task only took us 12 minutes! I could not believe that we were done with the whole process that fast, sharing with you some tips for a smooth and fast process. 5 tips for a FAST Passport Renewal process for kids 1)      Prepare DOCUCMENTS and bring EXTRA COPY. You can save and fill out the E-Passport Application Form on your computer. I strongly suggest you type the information needed from your computer to avoid misspelled names and be sure to recheck once printed. Form and documents needed for passport renewal are listed in the Dubai Philipine Consulate General (PCG) website. 2)      Talk to your child about the whole process and why they need to have this done. Practice how they should smile without teeth showing. You will be asked to remove jewelry and have your daughters hair tucked behind ears so keep hair tidy. I told LittleMiss that a person will take her photo so she can ride the airplane again. 3)      Start early. …

mama sitas barbecue chicken

Recipe: Pan Grilled Chicken

One concern I had before moving to Dubai was availability of ingredients and products I was used to using specially when it comes to cooking. I packed a good stash of ready made sauce mix to make caldereta and sinigang. Why? I was not a confident cook because while I helped in the kitchen someone always did the cooking for me. The good news is Filipino products is widely available in small and major groceries here – your favorite Pinoy corned beef, canned tuna, suka, toyo and Mama Sita’s oyster sauce are sold here. Now lets get on to this super easy Pan Grilled Chicken recipe. Made easy with the use of store bought Mama Sita’s barbecue marinade. YES, I admit and take no shame of me using ready made food flavorings specially when I just spent the rest of my free time watching Elementary. How easy is this you ask? Wash and pat dry chicken thighs (I prefer dark meat), place on a container with lid, pour enough Mama Sita’s barbecue marinate to cover chicken, keep in your …

Bento Lunch Box Menu January 2-5

First week back to school for 2017 was last January 2. We were still on a holiday mood and forgot to go for our weekly grocery shopping, so this weeks kids lunch box consist mostly of leftover holiday food like ham. Join our lunch box packing FB group via this link. The aim of #LetsMakeLunchFun community is to inspire and help families pack / prepare a healthier meal Monday – January 2: ham and cheese sandwich, yoghurt and fruits. Tuesday – January 3: pizza pinwheels filled with pepperoni and cheese Wednesday – January4: cream cheese sandwich for both Thursday – January 5: a repeat of what we packed yesterday   Did you notice something new in your Yumbox boxes? Both kids received a new Yumbox and Camelback bottles with their name and chosen design from Kilani Kreations. Kilani Kreations can personalize your existing yumbox or directly order a new one from them. For more details visit their Instagram and Facebook pages. Make sure you follow our accounts on Instagram, @cuddlesandcrumbs for more lunchbox ideas and use #LetsMakeLunchFun hashtag on …

Hello 2017!

I am always on the mood to make goals and get organize at the start of the year, but I only do so on my mind which like all of the marvelous ideas I’ve had, it all flew away with the wind. This year I am determined to be more organized and be thankful every day.  I am currently working on family calendar and blessings jar. Wishing you all a beautiful life story filled this 2017!