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Baby/Mama Essentials

It seems that everyone I know from each side of our family and friends are expecting a baby this year. Baby season indeed! When you’re a first time mom all you can think of is to buy the best and most adorable baby products available in the market. Here are some of my favorite products that I think every expecting Mama would love to have.   1. Arms Reach Co-Sleeper One parenting style we practice is co-sleeping (we still do with 4yo V). In most Filipino families we co-sleep with our parents till we reach our puberty stage, after that we still do share a bedroom/bed with our siblings. With V I had trouble sleeping when he was not by my side, I was checking if he was still breathing every half an hour just to make sure he was safe after doing this for a week (V in his cot and me in bed) with me having no proper sleep I decided to co-sleep with him which just made sense to me since the …

Baby Bump Update: 31 Weeks

  We are now visiting my OB  every 2 weeks for check-Up then we’ll move to a weekly visit till Baby #2 comes out. Base on last Saturday’s visit everything looks good and we are hoping to do have a normal deliver this time. I’m excited to have it the normal way this second time but scared because I really have a very low tolerance to pain.   Physical: My belly is huge that I have to borrow my husband’s oversize shirt for me to use at home. The large size maternity clothes that we bought online are still a tad big for me but it’ll manage besides we only have 2 months to go.   V’s Reaction: During our visit Kuya V asked the doctor if he can see the baby and get a picture of her as well. Dr. Taylor has also been kind to ask V to assist her whenever she listens to the baby’s heartbeat which makes him really happy.   Dad’s Reaction: C has finally finished the papers/visa for his Mom’s visit by …

Baby Bump Update: Week 30

  Information on BabyBump iphone app: As your due date approaches, it’s a common and very normal time to feel more emotional than usual.   10 weeks to go and we are going to finally meet our little girl. I’m getting really scared and excited at the same time. I have been avoiding videos and write-ups on scary pregnancy and SIDS. One thing I’m really excited about though is that I’m looking forward to breastfeed my little girl.   Weight: I haven’t checked yet but I’m sure I gained a kilo or two since I’ve been eating a lot.   Physical: Lately I’ve been having shortness of breath and migraine still. Cleaning is a challenge as well since I’m having a hard time just after doing 30 minutes of house chores.   Cravings: Ice cream! I’ve been eating ice cream everyday, it’s understandable really because of our weather.   V’s reaction: Super excited to see babybump and has been telling me that he wants the baby to come out soon.   Dad’s reaction: C has been controlling my urge …

Baby Bump Update: Week 28

  Information on BabyBump iphone app: Over the next three months your baby is in for a major growth spurt. Because of this, you may have noticed smaller movement inside your belly. Your third trimester will bring back some of the fatigue you felt in the first trimester.   We are on our final 3 months! Happy to report that my glucose test is normal so all the waiting that day till I get to have a proper meal was all worth it. We have purchased a crib and stroller from a friend but we still haven’t figure out where to set it up in our 1 bedroom flat. C kept re-assuring me that he’ll take care of the space but I want to see it now, but since I can’t move our furniture around I don’t have any choice but to wait.   Weight: 5 weeks after my last check-up I gained 4 kilos, my official weight is 74.4 kilos. Doctor said I gained a lot but I don’t like it and it seem …

Baby Bump Update: Week 24

  Information from BabyBump iphone app: Your baby’s respiratory system is rapidly growing, lungs are developing in preparation for breathing, moving amniotic fluid in and out of the lungs. For now your baby still gets oxygen through your placenta.     Weight: At my doctors appointment last March 10, I gained 2 kilos after 4 months of trying to gain weight. Now I just have to maintain slowly gaining and eating healthy.   Physical: I still have a strong sense of smell that the slightest unpleasant odor gives me headache and makes me dizzy. The change of weather happening here in Dubai does not help since during this time I usually get migraines which makes me spend more time in the bed thus our house is a mess. Comparing this pregnancy to my first I think I’m on the smaller side now people asking me how long I am still can’t believe that I’m on week 24. The bump is much more obvious now and I am feeling our baby girl having a party inside. …

Sex announcement (as in the baby’s gender, silly!)

When we had our scan at 15 weeks our sonographer asked us if we wanted to know the gender of the baby. C replied not really we’ll wait till we are in our 20 weeks. The lovely lady insists that we can find out at our current week. C was still not convinced.   Another scan at 18 weeks was done (baby scan is done every time we go for a monthly check-up) and once again our sonographer told us the baby’s gender. C still wanted to wait till we do our full detailed scan.   Finally the day of our full detailed scan (20 weeks) at Fetal Medical Center came, and before we left the house it has been settled that what we find out today will be final.   Doctor checked the baby’s head, hands, heart, tummy, feet and…   “Do you want to know the gender?” “Yes, Doctor”   Mom, are you sure?   YES. I’m going to have a baby sister.

Baby Bump Update: 21 weeks and feeling better

We had our full detailed scan* at Fetal Medicine Center last Saturday. My OB required me to do the scan just to make sure that our baby’s growth is normal. Thank God that everything is normal and baby’s growth is inline with what is expected in 21 weeks.   Along with the scan we have already confirmed (for the 3rd time) the gender of the baby but that deserve’s another post with some cake 🙂 Our next check-up will be on March 10 hopefully I’ve gained some weight by then since I’ve been losing since the start of the pregnancy. I’m eating well now and often look for something to eat every 30 minutes.   *Detailed Fetal Scan – 1000 dhs

Eating again

I’m so happy that we are entering our 2nd trimester with my appetite back and enjoying kitchen work again. On our first trimester all the food you see above I can’t eat. Then I woke up with a craving to eat Tortang Talong, Sardines, and Dilis I was happy to find all of the ingredients in my pantry.