Month: February 2016

how to make sausage octopus crab bento lunch

How to make Under the Sea Bento Lunch box

We officially welcome summer in Dubai. Mighty sun hiding behind the clouds this morning which makes it a perfect beach weather. Here’s a simple bento lunchbox to welcome summer. This is the second bento lunch box I presented at a workshop for a company here in Dubai. The goal was to turn three boring grocery food –  nuggets, sausages & chicken popcorn to something that is more inviting and fun to look at. Inside our lunchbox : octopus and crab chicken sausage pasta on top of a bed of lettuce olives cheese & bread stars baby carrots & broccoli grapes Bento tools: crystal food picks and cupcake liners This is one of the lunchbox I made for a bento workshop I conducted here in Dubai that aims to make the chicken sausage the star of the bento box. Follow the simple instructions below to create a sausage/hotdog Octopus and Crab. Next post will be how to make a fun bento lunch box with chicken popcorn. Check out how we created Minions out of chicken nuggets, here. Tag us on any of your bento …

Mardi Gras at Adventureland

Happy 14th Adventureland, UAE

Adventureland located at Sahara Mall celebrated their 14th anniversary last February 20. It was nice  of them to host the kids and young adults of SNF Development Centre. The next generation of Filipino Dubai Expat Bloggers easily spent the morning with games and rides. Adventureland is open from 10 am to 11 pm, Sundays to Wednesdays (weekdays) and 10 am to 12 mn, Thursdays to Saturdays (weekends).  More info available on

pizza with Chef Giorgio Locatelli

Ronda Locatelli’s Family Brunch, All’Italiana

We were invited to the launch of Ronda Locatelli’s Family Brunch All’Italiana. The newest Saturday brunch offer at Atlantis The Palm Dubai was hosted by Chef Giorgio Locatelli himself. The brunch gives homage to family mealtime which promises to bring the taste of Italy in a warm and inviting environment where kids under 11 yrs. eat for FREE. Here’s a sneak peak of what we had that relaxing Saturday afternoon. Shared starters includes Calamari, Pizzettes, Bresaola and Burrata. Mains includes Italian staples of handmade ravioli and vegetable lasagna. It was delicious and makes you feel that you are having it at the comfort of your home.   We were all quickly drawn to the Sea Bream and Braised Beef while the kids enjoyed every bite of grilled chicken and lamb. Parents can have a relaxing brunch because they prepared activities to keep the kids busy. The Jam Jar Dubai kept the kids busy with painting sessions and they get to bring home their own artwork afterwards. They also got to make their own wood fire pizza and got …

chicken nuggets minions bento how to lunch

Minions Chicken Nuggets Bento Lunch Box

A few weeks back I worked on a bento lunchbox workshop, the goal was to turn three boring grocery food –  nuggets, sausages & chicken popcorn to something that is more inviting and fun to look at. You first eat with your eyes. I hate to admit it but when given a choice between my homemade chicken nuggets to store bought ones, my children almost always prefer the latter because of it’s crunchy outside texture. Yes, I give in and buy the frozen ones in the grocery for those days that I don’t have the energy. We love Minions! Looking at Bob, Kevin and Stuart’s funny faces automatically brightens up a tough day. Agree? I made use of sliced cheese and nori sheets to make the minion face. Hope you have a Baaa…baaa…baaanana…Nuggets day ahead! Next post will be how to make a fun bento lunch box with sausages and chicken popcorn. Tag us on any of your bento lunchbox creations and use #UAEMakesBento and #WhatToEatMom on instagram. We are @cuddlesncrumbs on all social media platform. Linked to What Kids Eat Wednesday

Pronto Coffee Muffin

Pit stop for a quick bite

We are planning for an upcoming road trip to Al Ain with friends this month. Since the Dad’s are taking over the task of driving, my fellow moms and I are working on a list on where we can stop to get food. Road trip makes children bored and very hungry. It seems that stopping by a gasoline station is the best option for us – refill gas, have our car’s check, toilet visit and grab something to eat. We made a few stops at our neighborhood gasoline stations ENOC and EPPCO we discovered a bakery & coffee shop – Pronto. The kids remembered our long drive to Las Vegas last year and pointed out that it was similar to the stops we made. We prefer to pack food or stop by a restaurant on long road trips. Food I get to pack doesn’t stay warm plus eating inside the car gives me a bit of stress because the smell can cause nausea, the outcome I don’t want to encounter. It definitely is good to …

Boca Seafood Paella

Boca had me at Oysters and more

It was our first time at Gate Village, DIFC and that place is beautiful, every corner would photograph so nicely.We all kind off wished Daddy’s office was located there so we can visit him often. The press release on Boca’s new menu caught my attention that led me to find out more about them. The reviews online were impressive, people praised the lobster roll and grass fed chicken. It gave a vibe though that it was not a place for the whole family – they didn’t have a menu for the kids. Paella! Did you see that? They are serving paella with a free Sangria. We started off our Boca experience with some appetizers – they had a couple of good selections but with the help of the staff we settled with the best suited for our bunch. Both kids enjoyed the freshly baked bread and baked potato chips, it was as they say “Really… Really good, Mama.”  Kuya V ordered a mocktail called Miss Loren which was a mix of raspberry, ginger ale and yuzu …

Queen Anna and Princess Elsa of Frozen Disneyland meet

When we met Anna and Elsa…

Our flight to Los Angeles was the day LittleMiss turned 3 years old. We have not yet got a chance to celebrate her birthday the day she was born, it was either a few days before or after. She was at the age where Disney Princess & Peppa Pig were her best friends, to meet them was her ultimate wish. As soon as our US visa got approved we made plans and the first on the list was a trip to Disneyland Anaheim. This is our 2nd Disneyland trip, we have been to HK but LittleMiss was still too young to appreciate then. Month’s before our US vacation, we all watched and got to know the stories of all Disney Princesses and Fairies (I love Tinkerbell!). We of course have been hit by the Frozen Fever, the ultimate goal was to meet Ana, Elsa and Olaf. If we’ve done that our Disneyland trip is complete. I have learned from Casey of DLR Prep School that to secure a meet and greet with the Frozen characters we have to secure a fastpass. Casey also sent us …

Kids Fest Global Village

Kid’s Rule at Global Village

For the whole month of February, Dubai’s leading family attraction focus it’s attention to our children with the launch of Kids Fest, the festival’s main purpose is to provide fun and interactive entertainment. All of the events are free of charge and included in the price admission. Shows include the famous acrobatic show ‘Circus Circus’, a photo op with the Smurfs and a chance to be part of a show choreographed by the Global Show Academy. Unfortunately, we did not catch any of the shows instead we spent most of the time at Fantasy Island which features rides and games for the whole family. This game was a memorable one since it was the first time LittleMiss played a game and won! She dragged that big white bear all over Global Village. Kuya V once again challenged himself to face his fear and do the maze.  He almost gave up, good thing the guide encouraged and showed him that it was safe and easy. We are so proud of him! There was so many changes at Global …