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iFly Dubai Mirdiff City Centre

Kuya V’s 8th Birthday iFly Dubai Challenge

Every time we pass by iFly Dubai located at Mirdiff City Centre, we would always spend a few minutes staring at people brave enough to fly and do tricks.  The boys would always tease each other on who would be brave enough to do it. While standing in amazement by the tricks done 7 years old Kuya V  blurted out “Ok! I’m doing it. When I turn 8 years old, I challenge myself to do iFly.” He is terrified with heights so this is a big deal for him. He finally did it on the eve of his 8th birthday with a request that Daddy do the challenge with him. So proud of your Kuya V!

Kitkat Candy Cake

Kuya V’s 8th Birthday

Last week, our eldest Kuya V turned 8 years old and this year we all decided not to organize a party, instead he asked that we do several things he really liked. His birthday weekend coincided with the Islamic New Year which meant we had Thursday till Saturday to celebrate. First thing to do on the list is play and have picnic at the beach. We did just that with our Filipino blogging family here in Dubai. Bbq, games with friends and cake! A wheelboard – We know that he really likes one but it’s too expensive and I find it dangerous. Luckily, I won an instagram competition hosted by Fun City – come, play! He can use the board indoors and always wearing a helmet. We watched the movie Pan at Vox Cinema at the newest wing of Mall of the Emirates.   iFly with Dad – a self challenge to conquer his fear of heights iFly Dubai. Last year he promised us and challenged himself that when he turns 8 years old he will try to conquer …

V is 6 and his MineCraft Cake

V designed his Minecraft cake. It was a week long holiday here in Dubai when LittleMan V celebrated his 6th birthday. We initially planned to have a family celebration and have dinner at his favorite restaurant  but he insisted that I make him a cake and have 3 of his friends from school come over. Aside from playing Skylanders he’s also into Minecraft (I think every kid is) so before he request me to make him a figure cake I suggested he design his very own minecraft cake. He’s eyes lit up and requested that he make the cake with me.

Vierte clowning to 5

V chose a clown cake design to celebrate his 5th birthday. He gave me specific instructions on how his cake will look like. We asked him if he wanted to have a big party or special gifts from us. All he wanted was clown cake for school, chocolate muffins, Oreo bites and special gifts. Baked a chocolate cake on a bowl pan so the face wont be flat but the cake turned out to be dry so I decided to use round 6″ inches baking pan thus a flat face for this clown. So sorry for giving you a flat face happy clown. Before leaving for school V made us promise that we bring his sister to school as well. The joy on his face when we revealed the cake in front of his friends was priceless. “My mom made that for me!” We learned a lesson from last years 4th birthday dragon cake to not make a mess on the classroom. Instead of slicing the cake for the kids to enjoy each one had a vanilla …

Happy 4th Birthday Vierte!

How time flies, 4 years back Mister God surprised C and I with a special gift our little man. Last October 17 he turned 4 years and all he wanted was McDonalds Nuggets with toy and Dragon Cake. When I asked him what cake he wanted for his birthday, V reached for my 50 Easy Party Cakes by Debbie Brown book and pointed on the green Dragon Cake but requested his dragon to be red “It’s my favorite color Mama.” Teacher asked us to be at the school by 9:30 am so the kids would have some time to enjoy the food and cake. But the traffic lights had a different plan and we arrived late about 9:45 am the kids were about to start eating snack. We didn’t have enough time to put the dragon eggs and take pictures with the cake plus C’s camera went bonkers on us and just wouldn’t allow us to take good photos. The kid’s reaction when they saw the cake was just priceless. V kept telling his classmates …

It’s my birthday today! Dino Cupcake

There’s a cake on the table and V declares “It’s my birthday today!” My demanding little customer with Debbie Brown’s “50 Easy Party Cakes” sat on the carpet flipping pages deciding on the cake design he want. V: I know! I want a dinosaur cake. Can we make it now? I will help. M: I will try my best to make you one. V: You can do it Mama. Meet V’s dino cupcake 🙂 I’m using a new fondant recipe suggested by my friend Sandy. I just have a little problem with the fondant it easily breaks when shaped or rolled and it’s way too oily compared to the usual MMF. I’m asking help online hopefully I get advise on how to fix the problem. *** and btw we are not celebrating any birthday we just happen to have a cake coz it’s the time of the month that my hormones go crazy!