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potato fish cake recipe

Bento Lunchbox Recipe: Potato Fish Cakes

I absolutely do not like wasting food, any left-overs no mater how small is stored on the fridge for future use. This is exactly what made up most of the ingredients for our Potato Fish Cake which the kids get to have for school lunch at school. In case you are wondering what I do with all the left-over cut outs from the vegetable and fruit cut outs, I gather all bits then store them in the fridge and add them to our meatballs, soup, pasta and salad. No waste, right?! Here’s how I packed fish cakes for the kids lunchbox. Use #LetsMakeLunchFun on all your lunch box posts and join in the fun of packing healthy meals for our family. Let me know if you give this recipe a go.

isda lumpia recipe bento lunch

Fish Spring Rolls (Fish Lumpia)

Fried spring rolls or commonly known as lumpia shanghai in the Philippines is a favorite dish to serve on special occasions along side pancit. Besides fried rice this is one dish that my kids eat with much gusto that has hidden vegetables and it’s easy to prepare. Lumpia is a versatile dish that you can prepare vegetarian or with any meat you like. For this recipe I made use of left over fried fish and broiled fish fillet. I packed this for the kid’s bento lunch box and they once again requested it for lunch.      

Fish Tempura

We like crispy crunchy food. My picky eaters tend to eat vegetables it’s cooked tempura style. Kuya V has been requesting to have tempura packed in his bento, but I always have the issue of keeping them crispy by the time he gets to school. I read somewhere that the secret to make tempura crispy for a long time is to drain the oil as much as you can and pack it the container only when it’s in room temperature. Fried and drained them in a colander then to a paper towel. Kuya V came home happy to report that the tempura was still a little bit crispy on some side.

Bangus Sisig Recipe

Bangus Sisig

This month’s Kulinarya theme “Sisig” is hosted by Jenn of Storm In My Kitchen and Iska of Sisig is one famous Filipino appetizer which is enjoyed with either an ice cold beer or coke. After a days work my friends and I would share a plate of sizzling sisig and laugh out our daily stress in life. I can’t remember the last time I made sisig, but whenever I do I always use pork ears & liempo. For this month’s challenge I’m making a healthier version using fish – bangus (milkfish). I  prepared 2 kinds of sisig (pork ears & fish) for dinner but the boys preferred the fish version.   You need to cut your bangus butterfly style, season with salt and pepper and fry it to crisp. Remove bones from fish and shred/mince/chop meat. Once that’s complete let’s get on to making Sisig.   Bangus Sisig 1 large Bangus, fried and minced 1 medium Onion, minced 2 tbsp Soy Sauce 4 cloves Garlic, minced 1/3 cup each of Red & Green Bell Pepper (Capiscum), diced …

Bu Qtair

I finally got to try one of the food joints Anthony Bourdain featured when he visited Dubai – Bu Qtair. We arrived at 7:45pm, luckily the line wasn’t that long and we were able to place our orders by 8:10pm. Ordered half a kilo shrimps and large size fish (the medium size the man showed us was too small) and V requested “not spicy please” During that time the line was already way too long. You have to wait in the right side of the restaurant (they have stools), they don’t let you sit with the table while you’re still waiting for your food. Finally by 8:45pm we were called our food was ready. Ordered additional plate of rice (for V) and 3 paratha’s. The server also gave us some vinegar. These were yummy and still slightly spicy even after we requested them to wash of the “orange marinade”. Enjoy them with a squeeze of lemon. V enjoyed the fish that we actually taught he might finish the whole thing on his own. The produce …