Month: March 2008

he can sit up now!

on our way to his Lola and Lolo

sleeping prince

Our vierte can sleep through the night with 2-3 occasional feedings while sleeping. But, as to when he actually learned too I can no longer remember. Right now though he can sleep by himself without us carrying him too sleep (we only do this if he’s agitated), after his “nanan” (feed) he rolls to his tummy rubs his face in our pillow and rests his head there. Last week was the first time he went out without me, he was invited to attend his Ahia Migo’s birthday and off he went with ate michelle and tita Badet. He wasn’t crying and was happy entertaining. I came home and and my prince fell asleep with his party clothes. I managed to change him to his pajama’s but he was really mad, to translate the “gooo’s” – “mommy, please im tired!”

Mean Moms

I’d like to share the poem/article below that I got from SmartParenting forum. Mama was mean to us, like what’s written below she insisted in knowing every detail of our social life-what where when and with whom. Though my siblings and I “hated” that pagiging “intrimitida” of Mama I’m sure glad she treated us that way. I see myself to be a mean mom to Vierte, as I am a mean ate to my siblings. sabi nga ng mga nakakatanda “saka mo na maiintindihan ng lubusan mga magulang mo pag naging nanay/tatay ka na din” Thanks Mama! with my mama with my son ***   MEAN MOMS   Someday when my children are old enough to understand the logic that motivates a parent, I will tell them, as my Mean Mom told me: I loved you enough . . . to ask where you were going, with whom, and what time you would be home.   I loved you enough to be silent and let you discover that your new best friend was a creep. …

@ 5 months

little man now actively reaches out for toys hanging infront of him and has recently discovered his feet! tita badet happily reported that Vierte is having fun sitting down, and to keep him from falling down we made use of boppy pillow.

monthly checkup

@ 4 monthsweight: 7kgslength: 63 cmshead circumference: 40 cmschest circumference: 40 cmsvaccine:2nd shot ofDPTPolioHiB@ 3rd monthno checkUp@ 2nd monthweight: 5.75 kgslength: 60 cmshead circumference: 38.5 cmschest circumference: 40.0 cms vaccine:* Pentarim@ 1 monthweight: 4.35 kgslength: 53 cmshead circumference: 35.0 cmschest circumference: 34.0 cms vaccine:*Hepatitis B (2nd shot) @ birth weight: 3025 gmslength: 48 cmshead circumference: 32.5 cmschest circumference: 31.5 cmsabdomen circumference: 27.5 cmsvaccine:*BCG *Hepatitis B (1st shot)

lucky 5

Our little man turned 5 months old today. I baked scoones and carrot cake to celebrate, and it was also my inlaws wedding anniversary. mommy, i want to taste my cake happy 5 months babe! mom and dad love’s you