Month: June 2013

Skylanders Limited Edition for E3

LittleMan V requested that we put his collection on the blog, so here it is. We give V rewards whenever he does good in school (he was perfect in all his dictation sheets in class and passed school entrance exam), and he would always ask for toys and on that particular toy store trip he was looking for the Trash Pack toys but it was not available.  Good thing it was not available! Daddy came home one night with the Skylanders PS3 Starter Pack and from then on Vs collection has reached to 30 characters.  He’s watching videos and reading about them. He made a video about them which I recorded using my iPhone. We followed Skylander gamers on youtube and he learned about the Electronic Entertainment Expo (E3) and asked us to go the expo. He felt really bad when he learned that those who went to the expo got limited edition Skylander characters. I told him that one of Mama’s friend was in the E3 expo, both V and Dad exclaimed that Mama …

2013 School Year Ends

My LittleMan V graduates from Kindergarten. Yesterday, he bid farewell to his school friends and teachers. It was our first graduation ceremony and along with other parents we have each witnessed how our children grew from the teary eyed KG1 babies to confident KG2 students. This September he will move up to big school as a Year 1 student in a new school. A big THANK YOU to all his teachers, classmates, nanny, and school bus driver for making his kindergarten life a fun one. V leads the boys as they sing “Glowing Inside” to say Thank You to Mom & Dad  

Breastfeeding in Public

You are sitting in a cafe enjoying a cup of coffee when suddenly you overheard someone asking a mother to breastfeed her child somewhere else because that person thinks its inappropriate and disgusting. What would you do? Sian from our UAE breastfeeding group posted the following videos conducted by on how customers in a cafe reacted to the situation. Breastfeeding an infant in public. Breastfeeding a toddler in public. I am very happy that UAE is a breastfeeding friendly country. I have breastfed Vierte when he was a toddler and now Chloe who is 11 months, in public with and without a cover and I haven’t had a bad experience. Some malls and establishments here have dedicated baby rooms where a mom can breastfeed her baby. On the Breastfeeding Q&A UAE Facebook group, the most common question asked for new expat families is whether they can breastfeed in public. Here’s an excerpt from Sian’s article on breastfeeding in public. The great news is that both Islam and UAE society are in favor of breastfeeding …

Dubai Breastfeeding Group Meet-Up

Calling all Expectant Mums & Breastfeeding Families BreastFeeding Q&A UAE Group will hold the next meet-up this June 15 (11:00 am – 1:30pm) at Latifa Hospital (formerly known Al Wasl Hospital). A great opportunity for parents to discuss advantages & difficulties on breastfeeding, weaning and to just have fun  with other families More details on the event here.